Beam/Trail/ParticleEmitter .OrderingIndex

I have a system where I use beams to create clouds such as these:

Right now on roblox, the clouds have a layering problem at certain camera angles since it’s impossible to always correctly order any given system of transparent objects. See the bug report:

This is annoying, because sorting clouds is actually trivial. They are a flat plane at a certain height. It’s very easy to determine how to order them, and I know exactly how far away they should be rendered, but I can’t tell roblox this information.

So I want a property that allows me to override the ordering index roblox uses (Z offset from the camera) with my own value.

Number ParticleEmitter.OrderingIndex
Number Beam.OrderingIndex
Number Trail.OrderingIndex

This would be useful for any system of transparent objects where the developer knows that the objects should be ordered in a certain way, but roblox’s default algorithm produces an incorrect result.


This is definitely an issue that needs to be solved. I’m using beams for water in my game, and the overlapping issues get really annoying. I can’t even add particles to my boats because of this issue.

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