Beams Rendering differently in-game vs studio

I have no idea what’s causing this issue. My graphics settings are manually turned to max in studio and in game.

The beams render… harsher? It’s supposed to be a subtle effect to create more believable lighting, but it’s just not working in game.

In studio: (Edit or Run mode both display the beam correctly)

In game:

Beam properties:

Please let me know if you’ve encountered this and how you solved it. Thanks!


In studio, your graphics are usually set to the highest they can be, for instance, my computer sets to 10; depending on rendering, etc.

So maybe try experimenting with your graphics in-game?

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I stated in OP that I manually have everything at max.

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Mk, maybe experiment with it anyway? It seems like studio is darker than in-game.

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No graphic setting works in game.

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Odd, maybe it can also relate to how ROBLOX Studio isn’t as accurate toward in-game tests. Like for example, you test UI in studio; perfect, you test it in-game; not as perfect.

You could probably report this if you don’t find an answer soon on studio support, but it seems fixable to me.

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I think it might be something to do with Studio Settings> Rendering> Graphics Mode being different from the game client, but I don’t know why that would cause this or how to fix it.

That’s on your end. Seems like you don’t make your UI properly handle various aspect ratios and sizes. You can use the emulator feature in studio to see how your UI looks on various resolutions.

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I’m also getting this problem, I have beams that simulate sun rays in some of the windows of a game I work on, and in studio they have a very low transparency & look great but in game the transparency seems to look similar to as if transparency was getting set to 0.

as far as I can tell, this seems to be recent, as I haven’t noticed it until today.


I also hadn’t noticed until now. I thought perhaps I messed with something lighting related, but it’s starting to look more and more like an issue on Roblox’s end.


Having the same issue.
My beams are appearing like this:

I had to set the numbersequence in game manually with values for transparency above 1 for it to look remotely similar… that isn’t normal right?

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Is the beam also displayed correctly when you test it in a local server? If it isn’t, then the difference would be most likely not related to Studio graphics

Yeah same, mine look like this:

It can’t be as I can set the beam transparency values to above 1 in a scale keypoint (while ingame) to sort of mimic the intended result, but you shouldn’t have transparency values above 1 displaying the result of what studio says is below 1…

This is clearly a Roblox issue, nothing I did. I suppose that means this thread is in the wrong category and framed incorrectly, so we should move to a separate thread to continue this discussion.


here’s a relevent thread in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs

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I restarted Studio and it updated, and now the lighting update that broke beams is in studio too.

At least now it looks awful consistently /s

I hope this is fixed soon!

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