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Are you able to escape from the atrocious BEAST?

How the game works

There is only 1 beast! If you aren’t the beast, you are a survivor. The team of survivors needs to work together in order to escape from the beast. Survivors will need to do puzzles and hunt down for the keys needed for each door. The beast needs to stop the survivors by using its scythe to slay the survivors. If the beast catches you, you’re out. If the beast catches all the survivors, it wins! If the survivors manage to escape, they win! The concept is to work together and have at least one person escape.

Update Log

Version 0.1.0

  • Game is released!

Game timeline:

  • Mid-April: Game Planning
  • May 1: Game production started!
  • TBD: Game Announced
  • TBD: Game released

This is to show you that you can do it! Don’t give up and you’ll do great!

BEASTMODE's Terms of Service

Terms of Service
As creators of BEASTMODE, we strive for creating content that our players will enjoy. We work day/night to make sure that players will have an enjoyable and memorable experience. These TOS are not meant to scare you, however, we will be following this in case of any situations that cause any game-breaking, cheating, exploitation, etc. that may occur. Here are the list of rules that EVERY user will be following while playing:

  • When you join the game, anything that happens in-game (ONLY: amount of coins, items in your inventory, and the amount you’ve played) is tracked and will only be viewed by @MegaTheMagnificent and @WooleyWool. Your data is kept safe and will not be viewed by anyone else on our Database. Moderators do not even know where this is as this is very important. If you feel that your data has been viewed by anyone else, PLEASE LET @MegaTheMagnificent AND @WooleyWool KNOW IMMEDIATELY!
  • If you or a group of people are willingly involved in exploitation, your account will be banned permanently from BEASTMODE. This means, if you followed someone’s instructions, whether it came from, but not limited to: a video or conversation, you will be banned. We want you to earn everything fair and square, but not using cheats. We watch for this and receive warnings from the game if it suspects that you have cheated.


  • @WooleyWool - Creator & Programmer
  • @MegaTheMagnificent - Co-Creator, Programmer, and Map Designer
  • aidangit - Logo Designer
  • lcvelykylie - Thumbnail Designer
  • FlatIcon - Icons

As the game updates, so will the top post!