Beautiful medieval music!

Hi! Bleevo here.

This is a beautiful melody you all can use for free!

Hope you enjoy it! and thank you for listening to it.
listen to some of the other music in my profile listed :slight_smile:
I won’t upload it to roblox sorry but you guys can :slight_smile:


Truly inspiring.
What’s the name?

Its called The Night Forest. hope you like it haha :smiley:
happy developing.

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w hat kind of music making program do you use

I use sunvox

How do I download it as a MP3? It keeps downloading as a MP4.

MP4 to MP3 converter is a temp solution ig

I’m new to music files and stuff. How do I do that?

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search MP4 to MP3 Converter

I use cloud converter but it’s pretty slow

important, IF it says to download the app, don’t as it might be virus

If the mp3 file downloads as exe, decline it immediately

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Ok. Thanks! That really helps!

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@Bitterman1021 @regexman
Don’t need to make it so complicated, just save the file as .mp3 instead of .mp4

If you already downloaded the mp4, press f2 to rename and change it to .mp3

almost forgot

@OP nice song!!!


name doesn’t make sense lol but uh its pretty nice and chill!

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I like it but what’s the difference from going to

Forgive me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that changing the name to say mp3 does anything. That’s just the name. I don’t think that changes the file type. I might be wrong though.

yes you are wrong and I forgive you :slight_smile:

The characters after the period in a file name indicate the file type. You can change that to whatever you want and programs will think it’s a different file type.

Obviously that’s pretty useless for most files. If you change a .pdf file into a .mp3, your essay is not going to magically start singing. The mp3 player will try to read the file but won’t be able to since there is no sound data, there is document data.

In this particular case though it’s useful, mp4 files have mp3 data in them. So if you switch the file name it will still play the sound.

This song was custom-made and is unique. Strofe is a great tool to check out but it fully depends on pre-written tones.


I don’t mean to sound rude, but my dad is a software engineer and he says that that’s not how that works. Sorry If I sound rude.

Thats cool! I use

Great song! I like it alot! :smiley: How long did this take?

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“My dad said so” is not a proof, your dad might not know everything about software.

If you rename it directly it might glitch by adding distortion. Yeah I tried that

That’s why converters exist

My dad is also an engineer and he said the same.

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