Become a Master of Low-Poly 3D

I’ve spent a bit of time collecting tutorials and artwork focusing on low-poly 3D graphics. I’d love to share my research with everyone!

Do you want to learn how to create low-poly 3D graphics, or improve your techniques? Visit the “Learn Low-Poly 3D” project to find hundreds of tutorials, courses, assets, and sources of inspiration!

Are you looking for examples of great low-poly 3D artwork, from which you can learn new styles and ideas? Visit the “Low-Poly 3D Gallery” to find thousands of images from hundreds of artists!

I’m always looking to add new tutorials, resources, and artists to my projects. Please message me or comment here if you’d like to suggest new entries to my collection!


Thank you i found this very useful!


Thanks for sharing this! This will be so helpful for me since i’m a low poly builder! The gallery really can help with my ideas and models, I could use these for referencing. :smile: :+1:

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Wow! This is very Helpful, thank you for taking your time with this and doing your research. Not only when I opened the first page I found something very inspiring, but also the second page helped me very much!

For blender user beginners,

Grant Abbitt is also an OUTSTANDING youtuber for learning 3d modeling.

In his playlist, he has a beginner playlist for you to get familiar with the interface and it’s controls. His voice doesn’t keep you so excited, so when starting out, play some relaxing jazz music to fit the vibe of his talking. It enhances the learning experience.

I would start with making that little man and the monster, then move onto making low poly trees, and then start his beginner exercises playlist. He also have tons of other playlist for low poly if you’re looking to improve skills on

Blender Guru Is also a good person to watch. I suggest learning to make that donut first so you can get more familiar with the controls and learn more. He also makes more advanced tutorials to improve technique and such.

CG Boost He provides tips and tricks when working in blender, and also has a few tutorials on making things once you get more familiar with blender.

Blender looks intimidating at first due to all of it’s shortcuts and controls, but don’t worry! It is really easy and fast to learn! :DD

Good post BTW! I checked the gallery out, it’s really helpful :DD

To the creator of this post: You can add these people in there if you want so I don’t create much clutter haha.


Thanks for your feedback! While Blender Guru and CG Boost both seem to be very good sources of Blender tutorials, I didn’t include them because the didn’t focus too much on low-poly modeling. I do notice, however, that Blender Guru just release a new paid tutorial series for low-poly modeling. How’s that for timing? :smiley: