HD Admin - Fun & Utility Commands

Fun vs Utility

  • Fun commands are entertaining and often humorous commands enjoyed repeatedly by both YouTubers and players alike. They are typically the VIP (1) rank and don’t provide any in-game advantages. Examples include:

    • ;poop
    • ;icecream
    • ;fart
    • ;laserEyes
  • Utility commands are commands beneficial to the functioning of the game, and often aid developers with testing. These are most-commonly developed by Lead members. Examples include:

    • ;fly
    • ;kick/ban
    • ;serverLock
    • ;message/hint

Importance of Fun Commands


1. Great monetization tool for developers

  • Fun commands are often non-abusive, low-rank commands, enjoyed by players, hence are perfect for encouraging users to buy a ‘VIP Admin Commands’ gamepass.
  • Our top users are making over $5000 USD a month from selling HD Admin ranks.

2. Make for captivating video titles, thumbnails and gameplay content

  • Funny, wacky and relevant commands enable YouTubers to create more engaging admin command videos for their fans
  • More YouTube videos on admin commands = more exposure for games with HD Admin = more exposure for HD Admin itself.

3. The most used and enjoyed commands

  • Fun commands are the most widely used and enjoyed commands. Going forwards, this opens up more monetisation opportunities (e.g. sellable command packs), enabling us to create a greater variety of features and commands.

Example - the ;nuke command

Which one do you prefer? Which one makes for greater gameplay content?

Option A

  • Player activates nuke
  • Orange ball expands out and kills everyone
  • Resets after 15 seconds

Option B

  • Player activates nuke
  • Nuclear siren begins playing
  • 20 seconds later, you hear a bomber plane begin to approach
  • Just before the bomber flies over above your head, it drops the nuclear warhead
  • Nuclear bomb detonates, orange circle expands, all buildings are converted to corroded metal and everyone is killed
  • Resets after 15 seconds

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