Beep Blocks 2: Obby Edition (And a couple questions)

If you don’t know what this is about, I highly recommend referring to this post:

So I’ve now made the “Beep Blocks” into an obby, and again this is just for experimentation purposes & configuring with the unique styles on how I could implement it

The obby is just a simple basic obby, with the addition of the unique “Beep Blocks”

Image from Gyazo
Link to try: (If things break I apologize, but just rather keep track of the Beeps)

This post isn’t here to just show the link however, I’d also want to ask the community as a whole, a couple of questions after playing the game:

  • Do you think this concept could be used well in Obby Games?

    • If so, would you like to see a “Hard Mode” being added in? With less reaction time & faster BPM
  • Would you like to see more Colored Blocks connect rather than just having 2 colors?

  • Do you want to see unique “Beep Blocks” that have a different “Beat” (Or rhythm) style?


Wow! This is really well done, it’s just like how it was in 3D world. Even how it syncs with the music, I really think you fleshed out the idea as much as you could. Very fun.

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Super well done!
If I’m guessing correctly, it’s from the Mario 3D series :thinking:, The music is in sync and the Remake is really nicely done and well replicated. Loved the part when parts glow before disappearing.
The game is really challenging and can have a lot of potential for so many levels and it also uses the rhythm theme to make its concept more original which means YES love it!


Beep blocks are so annoying in mario

but nice work!

I love it, but my only complaint is the red warning flash before the red ones disappear is a little faint. Maybe make them flash a faint transparent white for more visibility.

why is it beat blocks not beep blocks?? also can we have a video

Thanks y’all for the feedback!

@SimonEnderB Is that a bit better?
Image from Gyazo

@IceTheOneAndOnly I blame my sleep deprived schedule, fixed it :sweat_smile: Also here’s a video

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Very much so. It makes it so much easier to see!

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Honestly I can’t imagine how difficult & incredibly annoying a “Hard Mode”
would be if I were to make one :thinking:

it would so FAST like Foolhardy Friday Night Funkin mod fast

but its cool, I know cuz ive played SM3DW

Awesome job, I enjoy playing this it really has given me some Mario game vibes.

Yes, I do think this concept could be used well in obby games, I also think seeing a hard mode being added in will be perfect even with some areas that can trick you during hard mode.

Seeing more colours will make it much more interesting and fun to play so, sure!

Yes, I do want to see a unique beep block. I’m sure that will be enjoyable to play and experience.

Keep up the great work!

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