Belmond Resort & Spa - A better Staff Guide

Hello Belmond,

Our staff handbook is very good, but very hard to read. It’s boring, and NOBODY wants to spend the 20 minutes it takes to read through all that. So, this is a guide that explains to you all of that boring stuff in an easy way. Now, start reading.



Hey there, welcome. This is actually not that bad to read. :man_shrugging: So, here’s what you are gonna do. First, you gotta click on this link:

That link, good sir/ma’am, is our group page. That’s who we are, “Belmond Resort & Spa”. RIGHT IN THERE is all of the people who work here, all of our games, all of our info - IT’S EVERYTHING. So yeah, if you want to, take two minutes, look around, look over all the features on it, do that. If you’re lazy and don’t feel like it, keep reading…

IF YOU ARE THIRTEEN+ ON YOUR ACCOUNT: you are gonna want to go BACK to the group page, and hey, click on that “join our community button”

Once clicked, you should see a little neat thingie called “Discord”. That’s also an important part of us. Save it for later. If you aren’t 13+, well I guess that’s too bad… just keep reading anyways.

Uhh, now I’m setup, I’m bored. What do I do?

So NOW, go on the group page again ( I know, I know, you are annoyed by it already). Right at the top, there’s this weird looking thing:

But instead, under “Rank” is should say something else. Whatever ever that word is, IT’S YOUR RANK (surprise surprise :joy: )!

So you must be thinking “WHAT’S A RANK TELL ME PLS.” Well hey, no more suspense, I’ll tell you.

It’s kinda like a job… you know how at a company there’s the one person who is the owner, the one person who is the dude who makes sure everyone is doing their jobs, the person who is handing out the cups of coffee, and then there’s the person that’s buying something at the company?

A rank is just that - it’s the title of what someone does! If somebody’s rank is “Resort Guest”, it’s pretty easy to understand, they are the person who comes to the resort and gets checked into a room! If someone’s rank is “trainee”, it’s pretty easy, they are a person who needs to get trained. And so on and so on and so on. But instead of our group having three or four ranks (or as you might call them, jobs), we have nineteen different ranks, and each one of those ranks has their own things that they are supposed to do!

Oh, and by the way, another useful feature of the group page!! You can see all of the ranks on it, and all of the people that have those ranks. Just scroll down to here:

So hey, guess what??? The point of this guide is to explain YOUR job to you, how YOU can get an even better job, and the RULES that stop you from being banned from the game forever!!!

Well, that’s all good, but what ARE the rules?

Uhh… bad question. Our rules are a complicated list of things that’s actually really boring to read. DO NOT READ IT, but if you want, it’s right here: Belmond Resort & Spa - Staff Handbook

Instead of you reading ALL of that, Imma give you the rules that EVERYONE has gotta follow, then, you will learn some more about what your actual job is.

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