Best place to learn building?

Hello devs!

So recently, I have been trying to work on a tycoon with me and my scripter. But like most problems we need houses to actually make the tycoon. All the builders I hire leave without a reason and i’m confused. So I want to take time and learn what’s actually the best place to learn building? I would recommend what’s the best place to learn low poly building, but at this point I shouldn’t care. Please leave any youtube videos, dev forum links, etc. Thank you for reading this and have a blessed day and a great thanksgiving!

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I’m not an experienced builder but i’ve been doing it on a casual level for a long time.

In my opinion the best place to start learning how to professionally build is YouTube tutorials.

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Like anything that requires skill the best way to learn is through practice. Make something as best as you can, share it with people and get feedback and then improve what you create in future based on the feedback.

If you don’t know where to start then I’d suggest searching for pre-existing builds of the style you’re interested in so you can work out what the creator’s done well and how they’ve made their build of high quality. You could try YouTube tutorials, but personally they’ve never helped me. I imagine tutorials on how to use studio for building would be beneficial if you’re unfamiliar with this. A few times I’ve sat and watched people build, and that’s certainly helped, but I’ve never relied on tutorials personally.

When you start practicing to build, you obviously won’t become amazing overnight; it took me a while to start to create things where other people could actually work out what they’re supposed to be. Just don’t be discouraged if your first build isn’t top tier because, regardless, it all contributes towards practice and increasing your capabilities in the long run.

There isn’t really a specific place to learn building. I would suggest looking for inspiration from other things, but not copy them. Get an understanding of certain design staples in low poly.

I found some helpful sources. Studio and blender would both work.

Blender low poly house: An easy and simple guide to modeling a cartoonish low poly house

I can’t find any articles that are specifically tutorials for low poly in studio, but it is a simple style. In many games, it’s easy to find. There’s also many people who have created low poly builds, and uploaded them to here.