Best plugins for building on Roblox and what they do?

Hello everyone! I need a lil’ bit of help to start going into the world of building… What are the best plugins to build in high poly and what do they do?

@Crazedbrick1 I know you’re gonna have good advice on this one. :wink:


This is plugin of mine very useful to any builder.
This post is from when I released it a very long time ago and I’ve made it much better and added loads of new features since but I haven’t updated the post


And very varied. Example: I use F3X but someone else uses another one, so it’s your preference.

The ones I recommend are:

F3X: To build.

Some light editor. To optimize the environment.

One that makes spiral blocks recommend the Archimedes Two.

I think another one you might end up using is the Waterfall Generator.

Like I said, it depends on what you’re going to do. But these are the ones I recommend.


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If you want I have some more. But the main ones I already told you.

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Depends on what type of building you do. I personally use:

SBS for manipulating multiple objects at once, like resizing all selected objects along one axis at once and rotating parts around a pivot point. It has many other useful tools in it, this will certainly help you do some stuff that can’t be done or takes a long time with classic studio tools.

Archimedes Two for mostly making smooth curves and circles with parts. If you plan to do a lot of architectural building, this will be extremely useful. Even in everyday building, I find uses for this plugin.

Brush tool, mostly for placing trees, flowers, bushes, and whatever other models you have randomly wherever you need them.

ThreeDText for generating text. It has multiple fonts and lets you change the thickness and size of your text. Useful for making signs and such stuff. (Sometimes it’s better to use a surface gui with a text label for a sign.)

Part picker, for when you have a whole map or building made and need to sellect just one type of part and change it, for example, you finish your building and looking at the whole thing you see that you don’t like the window frame color. With this plugin you can sellect all the window frame parts at once, and then you can change them from the properties tab.

Doing this by hand is torture, this plugin has saved me a lot of time.

And along with that, all geom tools made by Stravant.

You may find a need for something else and find a plugin that does that, but be careful to get the original version of the plugin. A lot of plugins are copied and uploaded by other people with malicious intent (adding backdoors to your game, or trying to steal your account access details, stuff like that.) Just be careful.

Good luck with your endeavors in building.


The Holy Grail of plugins.


Oh so thats why you make such stuff in studio. A holy grail indeed

tries to convince crazed to teach me modeling


Hi there, I recommend you to check out my #resources post on DevForums, which includes a lot of plug-ins under section 4 of the post

Developing - Expert developers advice from all around the world - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox

It’s worth looking at the other things that I’ve written there as well, as it includes a lot of info on a variety of things.

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This has opened up so many tabs in Google it genuinely makes me lag. Thanks for all the plugins, everyone!

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BEHOLD MY ARSENAL (Don’t look at pages 4 and 5 I don’t use those anymore and they are most likely backdoored)

I am removing ones I don’t use (the offsale ones I can’t remove)

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