Best Tool Grip Editor For Free?

Hi, so I’ve been looking for a good free tool grip editor plugin on Roblox, and some of them don’t work, and some of them edit the tool grip in the editor, but if you playtest and equip the tool, the handle is not how it looks in the editor. Any way to fix this / any plugin that works properly?

Tool Grip Editor - Roblox This one works fine for only 5 robux

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I’ve seen quite a bit of complaints about that one saying that the editor does not register when you select a tool.

So I don’t know if that’s the right one to do.

It is the right one to do.

You can also just assemble it’s code on github for free.

Also don’t search for a free version of this plugin. When I did I got a virus in my game.


I also need one how can I use the code to make my own plugin

Read up on Roblox plugin design through the API documentation, I’d personally just recommend paying the 5 Robux for his plugin, as it’s really well made and just works.

Yeah I realised I had enough robux lol