Tool Grip Editor(free)

Imagine making a cool a## tool and then you realize that the character is holding the tool in an odd way:

Look no further! Today, I will introduce a plugin that can solve this issue. The plugin comes at the incredible price of $0.00 and takes up no space on your plugin toolbar. The last thing you want is for your plugin toolbar to become overloaded with too many plugins!

How does this plugin work?

  1. select a tool

  2. Click edit tool grip at the top left hand corner of your screen

3)A rig should spawn above the tool

4)move the tool according to your desire
[R]Toggle movement mode from move to rotate or rotate to move
[T]Change snap value
[Z]Change rig type(update on editing tool)

Why use this plugin?

+ There is an orientation feature that lets you change the orientation of the tool only(click the text box beside the word “orientation”)
+ It takes up no space in the plugin bar
+ It spawn the rig above the tool unlike some other grip editor plugin that spawn it at 0,0,0
+ It save time by searching the plugin button in our(my) messy plugin tool bar
+ It is free for broke people like me

Sooo uh. Since the plugin is free … I need to beg for robux =D
plz donate to me to support my plugin!
20 robux
10 robux
30 robux
40 robux
50 robux
100 robux

ok now my revenue aside, here is some problems you might encounter when making tools

1)Tool not looking right
lets play a game of spot the difference.



hmm the magazine seems to not rendered on the tool editor rig.

well. It is not the plugins fault . It is a mistake you made when making your tool . You have to weld all parts of the tool to the handle or it will not be rendered on the editor . To easily weld the tool, type this in your output

local tool = <your tool location>
for i , e in pairs(tool:GetDescendants()) do
     if e:IsA("BasePart") and e.Name ~="Handle" then
          local weld ="WeldConstraint",e)
          weld.Part0 =tool.Handle
          weld.Part1 = e

2)Button called " Edit tool grip" not appearing
This is caused by the tool not having a handle . If the tool have a part called “Handle” , check for spelling mistakes or ensure that “H” is upper case


Added a paid pro attachment that unlocks the following features:

  • Press the crown icon to prompt the purchase and unlock pro features
  • Introduced a new rig option: your avatar, accessible by pressing [Z]
  • Enabled the scale tool mode upon pressing [G]
  • Ability to move left and right arms to simulate tool holding animation(it is kinda in r6 tho … it is just a reference to ensure that your tool scaling is accurate)
  • Ability to lock tool grip . Locking tool grip upon pressing [X] will allow you to rotate the tool without changing it’s tool grip . Pressing it twice will unlock tool grip(useful for gun idle animation simulation)

Bug Fixes:

  • Users can now independently change snap modes for movement, rotation, and scaling (yes it is a bug and not a feature).
  • Reduced lag when using the rotation tool

Pro feature is unlocked by buying any of this 4 gamepass listed below
10 robux
20 robux
50 robux
100 robux
Again . The pro feature is honestly not worth . It is just to speed up editing the tool grip by a bit while showing your support ! Any problems With purchasing, please dm me through dev forum . There should be no errors regarding the handling of payment but incase there is, please contact me and show me proof .



Feedback forms

Other plugins I made:


I highly value feedback on my plugin!

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Pretty sure this already exists, however if that plugin has gone paid this seems like a good replacement for people who dont have robux for that plugin.


Yea I remake it as the current one that I am using is no longer free for other people to use and there is some feature I wanted the paid one to have like changing the orientation with orientation value . Ty for the feedback!

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There is already one with a nicer gui surface for 5 R.
But yours is also very nice!


Hello . Thanks for your feedback . I have one question however . What is R5?

I think he means 5 robux.​​​​​​


Its grip, not grib

Thank you for making this! Im broke and I cant afford the real one


Oh yea my bad for the gui grip spelling error

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This is a neat plugin. Compared to the free tool grip editor plugin I made, this plugin is an order of magnitude more complex. Spawning in another rig to edit the grip? I never thought of that.

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