Best way to advertise on a small scale

Let’s say…

You have 15,000 robux. How would you go about sponsoring/advertising your game?
For my case, I will be sponsoring/advertising an FPS game. What is the best way to approach this with a relatively small amount of robux?

Does advertising/sponsoring on different genres of games change what platform you should promote it on?

My game is mostly PC oriented but can be used with Console, Tablet, and Mobile.

If I wanted to launch on one day, would I spend it all on one day? and which day of the week is smartest? Since more people will be playing on weekends but more people will also run ads on the weekends is it smarter to sponsor/run ads on the weekdays? Would I spend all funds in one week?

Any opinions/answers are greatly appreciated and I would love to hear what you guys have to say!



I’m not much of a specialist, but I know that the key in marketing is knowing your target demographic. Discover and research your target demographic (Know which segment you’re focused on, you don’t need to be focused on just one, but it’s easier with a low budget) . With this information as a basis, you can make deductions on when and who you should advertise to. I’d additionally run experimental advertisements in short bursts like 500 or 1000 in a go to get a feel for which platform works best for you. Oh, and I wouldn’t run it all at a time – in my opinion it’s better for user retention if you run maintained advertisements over a longer period of time rather then a few large advertisements. Good luck.


I never really advertised my game or sponsored in almost 2 years.

If I was in a situation where I wanted to advertise my game, I would actually save 5k :robux_gold: on paying staff or saving it up for other things for my game, then the rest of the 10k :robux_gold: would be used for both Advertising/Sponsoring.

With that 10k, I wouldn’t spend it all at once, I would spend about 2k to 3.5k per month, and see how the trend goes for the game. What I see the most is that both Tablet and Mobile have a lot of (I forgot the name of the % and clicks that each device gets).

I would just save most of the :robux_gold: and mostly use it when you have a lot of people playing and a trend happening at the same time.

That’s all I have, for now, telamon is out! :happy2:

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Hey @BlueTheCreator , I’ve made a resource that might be able to help you.