Best way to deal with the white seams on the edges of textures?

I have a pine tree model I made in Blender that has the issue of the white edges around the textures (the leaves), I understand it is because the way the texture is rendered from long distances causing the seams to start to appear as the texture becomes lower quality and that the fix that I have found people use is to have the textures edge sit just outside the faces of the mesh it is wrapping around. But my problem with this is that because of the fact that the texture is for leaves, because of the complexity of the pine leaves texture it has a very jagged and intricate edge meaning that to have it overlap just barely of the face that it sits on, I have to cut out that mesh to the same outline of the texture. But by doing this and then having the multiple leaf textures on the tree the triangle count for the vertices sits up in the 90 thousands. Far over the triangle limit for Roblox studio.

Anyone got any tips or ideas on how I could either make the leaves differently or fix this white line appearing at a distance problem?

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I believe this will fix your problem!

Pixelfix will remove your edges and make leaves cleaner, I had the same problem before and I was really struggling to find a solution. I hope this helps!

How does it work?

Just drag your leaves image over pixelfix and it will remove the edges on the image, then try uploading the image again in Studio.

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This is perfect! Thankyou so much I have been trying to figure out a solution for this for so long now. This fixed it entirely!

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Oh so sorry, I completely forgot, too distracted with finally having a good looking tree haha

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