Best way to detect if a Player IS moving

Using Humanoid.MoveDirection and Humanoid.Running doesn’t work

Humanoid.Running only fires when the Speed changes

Using Humanoid:GetPropertyChangesSignal(“MoveDirection”) also doesn’t work because it only fires when the “MoveDirection” changes… it seems like my only option is to use a Heartbeat connection or Bind to Renderstepped in which I would like to avoid if possible

Is there a better way to detect if a player is moving? I would prefer not to check every Frame (60 times per second) that is just too much.

Use case:

  • Goal: I want an animation that is currently playing to stop if the player moves

  • Current issue: If a player is already moving and then play that animation it will not be canceled

I was looking into using the default PlayerControl script but I couldn’t find any “signal” for detecting if the player is moving or not.


Does the Velocity of the humanoidrootpart work for what you’re doing?


Wouldn’t it be best to set the Animation Priority to Core if it isn’t already, this would allow the animation to stop if the character is moved?

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@desinied , no the idle animation would play over it afaik, I could be wrong though, but I would prefer to have the Animation’s Priority set to Action

@yehhhhhhhhh111 No Velocity doesn’t change if you move in the same direction.

It also can’t be used with .Changed nor :GetPropertyChangedSignal

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You could check Humanoid.MoveDirection
Humanoid.MoveDirection -- Returns 0,0,0 if not moving according to user inputs , if its not 0,0,0 it indicates that the player is moving


MoveDirection should work for this, back when I first started scripting a wrote a scuff script to detect when they start moving.

while wait() do
	if  humanoid.MoveDirection.X > 0 or humanoid.MoveDirection.X < 0 or humanoid.MoveDirection.Z > 0 or humanoid.MoveDirection.Z < 0 or humanoid.MoveDirection.Y > 0 or humanoid.MoveDirection.Y < 0   then -- as you can see it's scuff since I didn't know what I was doing much back then
-- Stop animation


Thats some quite big if condition, I would ask the person to use Humanoid.MoveDirection ~= since its much shorter and works perfectly.


Yeah, I just saw your post, again I got that line a code from a script a year ago. either way both work.

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Oh right, I forgot.

If could just check if the player is moving then don’t play the animation in the first place.

Thanks for the suggestion @Razor_IB @StraightScared