Best way to get a high CTR on an ad?

Hi everyone!
I’ve recently just finished a big update for my horror game… I’ve advertise thousands of robux in the past, but recently I saw a post saying that 2%-3% is good for ads. However, I usually only get about 1.3% CTR.
The hyperlinks are the ad’s I’ve created, so and any feedback or suggestions on how to get high/higher CTR would really help!
AD #1
AD #2


Hey yeah I seem to only get 1% and under that, I do not know how you can increase it though.


This might sound weird, but those clickbait ads you see all the time usually get alot of young players (like 7 or 8 years old) to click on them, even though the ad has like NOTHING to do with the game at all.

Basically anything with the word “admin” appeals to little kids, cause they’re always asking if they can be an admin.


Im going to keep things entirely honest. Think about roblox’s main audience, young viewers. Ads with an above average CTR rate are usually classified as clickbait. Unfortunately, quality rarely holds up to whats on the ad, hence, poor quality ads promoting “Free item for popular game (ex)” still get a ridiculous CTR compared to something professionally designed that promotes a studio for example…


Most players are kids that are 6-12 years old and they’re not gonna click an ad that looks repetitive, I myself don’t click on any ads at all because of how the majority of them look low-effort and bland.

I suggest hiring a professional GFX artist to make a comic ad.

Here’s a comic ad i made so you can see what I’m getting at.

It has color, it has quality and it’s appealing to everyone.

Try making something like that for a better CTR.


Just out of curiosity (if you’re comfortable telling me), what was the average CTR for that ad?

The game it’s advertising isn’t out yet, but it’ll likely get tons of clicks since comic ads made in Blender arent something anyone’s seen before.

( Considering it took 12-30 hours to make it, i can see why )


I’ve been advertising for a while, and for some reason (I don’t know the physiology), but kids tend to like easy to read, goofy text and goofy ads. Maybe you’re right and this is the way I go, but I have no idea how I can incorporate these goofy funny comics into a horror game…

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Yeah, it takes time to come up with an idea on what the comic ad should be.

How I came up with my idea was by making some concept art about what the ad could be.

Here’s the concept art i made.

One idea is to have the monster chase someone in the first panel, than have the person who’s running successfully find a hiding spot somewhere with a sign of relief on his face as he wipes away the sweat from running.

Then just have a bacon-hair player next to him who appears out of nowhere turn their flashlight on in the next panel and have the monster appear in front of the both of them in the last panel.


I love the AD, but you might not get as much CTR as you intended because it’s just a little wordy. I’ve created a wordy ad once that got a 0.6% CTR and then I made the same one with half the amount of words and I got 1.2% CTR…
I was curious on what type of ads to make, and I think comics are the way to go, but I think it’s finding a balance between somewhat descriptive and too wordy.


I’ll let you know the average CTR in about a month’s time once we release the ad! Going to be doing small robux amounts and increasing it to larger amounts over a few days/weeks.


Thank you! Good luck, and that sounds like a good idea.


Would a full GFX ad be productive? Like a thumbnail but in ad format.

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Depends on the content of the Ad, but sometimes yes!


I would have to disagree people mostly little kids will not click on your ad if they have to read at over-analysis is also it being colorful helps but it may look cluttered or too busy and deter people


What font is that on the flamingo one? That is really nice

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I only used 500 robux to advertise and got a 1.5 CTR

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That’s impressive tbh, do you mind showing us the ad?

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my friend made a amogus ad for our group and it got 2% ctr

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