Best way to get around Roblox throttling remote event calls from client

Hello, I was working on a piano game that involved the use of remote events to let other players know when a key was pressed and released. Of course the game runs fine in Roblox Studio however when playing in-game I see the following warnings:

> Player “habahaba9” appears to be spamming remote events.

This makes sense since if you press many keys quickly, which is kind of necessary for piano, the remote event handling the transmission of the notes to everyone else, is spammed.

Is there anyway to disable this or at least increase the allowed threshold of client remote event fires?
Although it would be better if I could disable it all together and implement my own method of controlling the player fire amount, server sided of course.


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These warnings aren’t standard/built-in roblox warnings (or at least I wasn’t able to get them to popup personally). Do you have some kind of admin in the game that logs remote usage?

Sometimes Roblox doesn’t document things but they exist, It is from Roblox’s own code to prevent players “DDoS” -ing games
Try spamming the server with a table value?
E.g what im using: { EventType = "KeyPress", KeyPressed = "C1", KeyTag = "G7M95b127zVYEe5tJHes8b6qqTj05l"}