Best way to reduce tris?

Hi. I found a really good 3D model that fits EXACTLY what I need for my game. Here’s the problem. It’s 65,000 tris, and roblox only allows 10,000.

I’m not sure what to do. Any help is appreciated!


I think the best move for this would be to find some useless ones and delete them. Although this is not my strong point. Just the first thing that came to mind.

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You can’t just delete a tris - going through and doing that would take hours, and maybe reduce it by 1000 tris.


That is true, I have no other idea’s sorry. :man_shrugging:


Have you tried using the decimate modifier? It helps by reducing tris while trying its best to maintain its shape.


I have. I only got it down to 63,000 tris though before it started to look bad.

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Personally, I would remodel it from planes. Its very tedious but it gets the job done much better than any modifiers.


Problem is, I’m not a 3D modeler ha. Might need to hire somebody then…

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Goodluck then : ) 30charssssss

you can separate parts of the car (wheels, chassis, windshield, etc) into groups and export each group as an individual fbx model, and then import them all keeping original scaling and position and it will reassemble itself for further use – although this will take some time since you’ll need to delete lots of tris or group together lots of tris and export those groups individually

I’m not experienced with modeling, but from what I know, I think your best course of action would be to try and manually remove tris and enable smoothing groups for similar faces. There might be plugins out there that can find redundant faces and merge them into one.

Yeah, this is what I was thinking, but since all the tris are somewhat mashed together it might be difficult.

Hm, maybe… I’ll go look it up

This one might work, I’ll let you know if it does:

Have you merging all vertices by distance by going into Mesh > Cleanup > Merge by Distance?

This will merge all vertices in the mesh that are really close together, and this can significantly reduce tris if there are any duplicate vertices.

Yeah, it removed two vertices lol

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Plugin didn’t work, I suppose I’ll find a different model :frowning:

Hey! Not sure if you found out a solution but here’s one! If you do Ctrl-E then do Unsubdivide it should get rid of some tris/verts.

But also Note, it can make your mesh look weird depending on how it is.



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You replied to mine by accident i think.

If you press shift+x you can melt faces together, I can’t promise it wont end up looking weird though.