Best way to run ads

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Hey! As my game is near release, I’m planning to run loads of ads shortly. I wouldn’t want to waste my money, so I’m just looking for some tips.

How often should I run them? What type of advert should I use? How much should I bid?

Please let me know in the comments, I’m excited to hear your feedback and I’m sure many others are too! (please let me know if this is in the wrong topic)


Ads will only stay for 24 hours divide your robux to 24 and give the amount of robux every 24 hours

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I’d say advertise 2-4 times a week. (Depends on how much your budget is actually, if you only have like 1k to about 5k, might want to go a bit lower in days)

I see alot of Banner type ads. If you don’t know what they’re, take a look:

. I’ve tested it out myself couple of times, it does get alot of clicks & does a fantastic job!

Best amount would be 1k per 4 days a week. (I have done this with my group & I actually have gotten a fair result from it). If you have a higher budget tho, extend the amount to as 2k ot 3k per 4 days a week or more if you wish!

Anyhow, hope that helps out!
Goodluck on your game or group! :+1:


I use social platforms to advertise my game.
And i saw many times people did it.
It worked.
Just use platforms that are used by people of age between 5-14 i would suggest.
For example TikTok.
TikTok works absolutely for advertising your game.

Depending on your budget, I’d go with 1-3 times a week. Besides, I do not recommend launching ads with a rather low amount of bid on weekends since all the big games are launching ads at that time and you will not really stand a chance. So just launch them on weekdays.

IMO, the skyscraper type ads are most appealing and have been most successful to me in the past, so I recommend using those.

Of course, that depends on your budget, the more you have the more you should Bid. What I learned though is that you should not split up your budget too much and probably bid about 2-5k per 1-3 days a week so your ads really get a lot of impressions, which can bring you players that will return and play the game frequently.

Good luck with your game!


While everyone has there own approach when it comes to ‘how much should I spend on advertising’ I would try experimenting mainly spending small amounts on ads and see which ones performs better. You could spend 5k as a small portion or a test and see which one does better, I would aim for a decent CTR and higher depending on the budget put into each ad.

There are many factors and ways when it comes to spending this amount on a single ad; 2k for three days and see which one that has a good impression and CTR. Make sure when making ads for a release project, the ad should be descriptive.

As the game need to be enjoyable and fun to play if not you could receive a low CTR and impression depending on how much your putting into ads. I would just experiment and try to not spend it all at once.