Best way to save a build plot?

I’ve been working on a plot building system recently and I’m trying to think of the best way to save it, I thought at first tables would be what I would use but then I thought that dictionaries would be better with a key being the item/block/whatever and the value would be some CFrame table. Any ideas or advice would be very helpful.

You can serialize the CFrame (info on that), perhaps with a table that contains the components of the CFrame (something like {CFrame:GetComponents()}).

Assuming your game has the same types of blocks repeated, inside of the saved dictionary have a key that describes that certain type of block set to a table, and store the CFrames of all the blocks with that type under that table.

This is the saving part, to load you can simply loop through each key’s table, create a part of that type (perhaps have a block of each type inside of ServerStorage, and clone it) and position it in that CFrame, to deserialize the CFrame, you simply do

One extra thing you can do, assuming your game has multiple plots, save how far off each part’s CFrame is from a plot’s CFrame, and when loading the CFrame you would be adding the saved CFrame to the selected plot’s CFrame.
Pretty much:

{CFrame:ToObjectSpace(currentPlot.CFrame):GetComponents()} --save this --loaded cframe