Best websites for UI design?

What websites are best for a beginner UI artist?


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Im not sure what do you mean by that. Can you explain further to me?

There really isn’t any for “beginner ui artists” but, you could use Adobe XD or PhotoPea (Basically Online Free Photoshop) for UI design. There are some Adobe XD tutorials on the DevForum and some tutorials by @TopSecretSpy1177 for PhotoPea on Youtube.

I hope this helps you on your UI Creation Journey!


There are no “websites” that are best for a beginning UI designer. It all comes down to experience. The best way to expand your experience is getting down and experimenting.

If you have a question about a certain tool, then looking it up would help. But no website can beat plain experimentation. I’m sure many can attest that reading how to make good UI will get you near to nowhere, while actually learning first-hand how things works will get you there much faster. You don’t simply read how to do something, then come out an expert in that field.

Edit: Some good programs for beginning UI artists are Photoshop (you can be overwhelmed with the amount of tools/options, so focus on the ones you are familiar with, then take the time to learn how to use the rest) and FireAlpaca. (A free, super simple program that I’ve used to make UI for months now.)

If you mean websites that helps you make UI then I recommend

There are many alternative for starters that you could create UI designs, there isn’t a wrong or right program to learn from.

Inkscape, krita, gimp adobe illustrator ect. There are a variety of free options you could go for and choose from it provides you with a bunch of tools and brushes and more whether you’re going for purchases options or free ones other programs do have similar designs and a cleaner interface.

There’s a bit of a learning curve in each program and it will take time to learn how to make decent quality UI, whatever program you’re willing to use it does produce similar looks as any other program out there. I recommend you take a look at a few resources/ tutorials to get a hang of everything and learn the ropes.

I found some that I used to use, but now I have moved on to photoshop. I hope this help!

Pixlr E:

Adobe Photoshop

A good UI design and prototyping tool for UI designers, the Mac desktop app is paid but the web one is free.

I use Figma for pretty much everything. If you need inspiration, there’s always Dribbble and Behance.

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I go to Dribbble, Behance and Pinterest for inspiration, Colorhunt for color palettes, and use Icons8 Lunacy (alternative to Adobe XD) to prototype.

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