Better Breakpoints Full Release: Logpoints, Conditional Breakpoints, & More!

Hi Developers!

Good News! We are ready to roll out the enhanced Better Breakpoint feature!

Two months ago, we released the Better Breakpoint beta that provided more options to make your debugging better than ever before. Thank you for all your testing and feedback. Now, after having spent time fixing bugs and enhancing performance, we’re proud to provide you with:

  • DevHub documentation, step-by-step guidance on how to use breakpoints in debugging.
  • Consolidated icons for standard breakpoints, logpoints and conditional breakpoints in different statuses.

Big shout-out to the team for all the hard work they’ve done to bring Better Breakpoints to life: @idevride @altisaltaccount @ameowth07 @windy0724 @wengawenga @Infomancer @MoodyMandyMeow

Rollout Process

Today, we are launching Better Breakpoints as a default-on Beta for a small but meaningful cohort of the Studio user base. Over the next few weeks, we will progressively ramp up to 100%. If you’ve opted into the beta before today, you will not be affected by this process. In the meantime, we will closely monitor crashes and errors. If any significant issues are uncovered, we will roll the feature back to opt-in Beta.

Happy debugging!


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Yes! Better debugging for developers!


Nothing beats

if x > 1 then
  if x > 2 then

jk this is actually a really useful feature for people who use the debugger

Also please release DebuggerManager from the command bar. I am going to ask this every single time the debugger is brought up.


You see, I think that’s a great candidate for logpoints, or better yet, the breakpoints that have “Condition”, “Log Message” and “Continue Execution” set. Some bugs are quite obscure and you don’t want to halt the execution time, because it may be tied to the real time, or even add a single line of code with conditionals and so, much less write code to debug the original code and make a mistake doing it.

These are great features. However, could the icons be updated to be a much higher resolution?

They’re a bit pixelated and 2000-2005 ish. The majority of icons, if not all, need a refresh inside of studio.

Outside of this, the documentation seems easy to follow and thanks to the people who worked on this.


Finally. It has been so helpful and has made it much quicker to debug!

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I already know I’m still going to do

print(“Is this running”) no matter how good the debugger is


The long term plan is along these lines; there is a lot of groundwork to be laid in order for it to be usable in a meaningful way. Are you thinking about creating your own Debugger UI? Is there anything in particular that might be addressed before DebuggerManager is exposed?


The other possibility is opening up the new Luau Debugger API when that ships

I wanted to use it to provide an external debugging service that syncs breakpoints etc.


It’s great to hear that print debugging is working well enough for you.

The Debugger is a tool and as long you don’t feel the need for something more than print you should keep using print, just like as long as you don’t need a motorized excavator, you should use a shovel. In fact I wouldn’t let in one of those excavators into my backyard. :sweat_smile:

There are use cases that only print can do right now (for example production debugging) and use cases that only the debugger can do (for example stepping through code or changing what gets printed without stopping the code).

The Debugger features are just tools that can be used to help and maybe speed up coding for more devs so it’s more like additional options than an “either this or that” choice.


Nice, and you should stay tuned for the new API and give feedback on that one as well. We’re definitely doing our best to improve extendability – with stability, scalability and security in mind.


Hahahahah was just messing around, it’s definitely a great addition to studio!

Will definitely be looking into using it myself.

This is coming soon, we totally agree!