Better methods for keeping a train on a track?

I am trying to create a functioning train in roblox, similar to ones you’d find in rails unlimited, terminal railways, etc.

I am currently achieving this by using “gliders”, a set of 4 spheres in between the tracks to keep it from leaving the track. This currently works quite well, however it is very easy to derail the train, by moderate speeds or very small imperfections in the track.

What are some other methods I could utilize in order to keep the train following the track without it easily derailing?

Game in which trains are: trains - Roblox

Pictures of “gliders”, they are welded to the train and each car in the train has a set of 4:


side note, wasn’t sure on where i should put this. I put it here since i think there are methods that involve scripting and methods that involve building, like the one I used.

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Have you considered one big part in the middle which stretches form one side of the track to the other?


What do you mean by that? Do you have an example?

The most well-known thread for keeping something on rails can be found here:

I personally found it very helpful!


You could add a invisible wall that is just tall enough for the bottom of the train so it stays on track