Better way to move topics out of #forum-feedback into subcategory

As a Roblox developer who frequents #forum-feedback it is impossible to move out topics in #forum-feedback from before its decentralization into subcategories. I have a few feature requests im wanting to move out and add extra info to, but i cant move it out into #forum-feedback:forum-features myself. I have to ask a tl4 or moderator, but this is a waste of time for both parties.

If this is added it will improve my experience and other TL4/moderators, since I don’t have to waste their time asking if they can help me out and I don’t have to waste my time asking them in the first place. Thanks.


Are you sure you’re not able to do this? It was changed so you could move your topics for the time-being.

No, they closed the base category unfortunately, i just tried it myself
The pencil next to the title is missing, and when i try using the pencil at the bottom right the page kinda refreshes but doesn’t do anything.

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