BetterJeep v1.2 - A revolutionary Jeep, Now with car customization

Oh, I see now. I got it, and will see what I can do. Im planning after 1.1, it will be v2.0. (That means big update)

BetterJeep v1.1 Beta 2 is now available and fixes major bugs.

(Please get the latest version. Beta 2 is not available to download)

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I can not drive on Studio Testing, Can you try and fix that bug please!

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@BillB1ox Can you add speed meter on this jeep, i hope you can update this :slight_smile: .

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and your jeep V1.1 Beta 2 is the best and no have bug !

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Greetings! BetterJeep v1.1 is now released to the public! It introduces a new AllowedToExit configuration, as well as fixes major bugs, including not being to exit on mobile. I also rewrote the Raycast system that uses the new Raycast rather than FindPartOnRay().

Another very major visual bug that was asked for me to fix was that the the back wheels would not turn. This is now fixed. :tada:

Anyways! Here you go!

Get v1.1

Get as a Model File: BetterJeep1.1.rbxm (54.4 KB)
Get as a Free Model: BetterJeep - Roblox


On mobile you need to be able to control things without looking at the buttons. You need to look where you’re going. With the control scheme you’ve made you have to take your finger off one button and move it to another. This is a bad user experience.


Thanks for the feedback! We will make use of your advice in a future update.

This just in, major components of BetterJeep have just been marked as Deprecated.

I know it says Weld is deprecated, but it really isn’t:

v1.2 will be focused on using the newer alternatives to major components that are deprecated, except for Welds, as we still kind of need the C0 property for now. Making it not need the C0 property needs some work to be done, or else there would be the tire not spinning issue again.

If you have any simple feedback for v1.2, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!

Can you still call it V1 if, when updating it, it will work fundamentally differently? As in, although it will still function the same, it will be very different (forgive the expression) under the hood. I know it’d kind of pedantic to focus on this, but if you are reworking how the vehicle operates, that’s no minor change or “new feature” (which is what the second number in version numbers usually indicates). Before you’re next release, I’d work on redesigning parts you think could better (like the issue @qwertyexpert mentioned) as well as replacing the deprecated joints used.

I think you can use the CylindricalConstraint for the wheels and the SpringConstraint for suspension, although I could be wrong. However, even if you want to, you don’t actually need to replace the Weld instance. In response to an earlier question of mine, @tnavarts, the same person who confirmed that Welds were not deprecated, said that they are still fully supported and that they should be used in situations where you need to script the joint offset. So don’t be afraid to use them.

On June 18, 2022, BetterJeep will be forked for Bloxy Kart, and the kart system will be its own individual things from BetterJeep. That doesn’t mean that BetterJeep will become deprecated, it is just not going to be in Bloxy Kart anymore.

That being said, I will have a BetterJeep Playground place when the fork happens.

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any idea why my car goes into the shadow realm when I hit play?

Correct me if im wrong. But i dont think this is related to this topic?

i am having a problem with his resource, so i dont think so

Ohh my bad

Didn’t know that this was a car kit thing

This could be an issue with uneven sides. Try using the Massless property inside of the BaseParts you inserted.

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I wonder what’s outdated about BodyGiro and BodyPosition?

its probably based on older code

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Finally, someone who actually wants to replace the aging A-Chassis. I kinda get annoyed when I see it in games now cause its really glitchy and super old (and I see it literally everywhere too).


yeah, hopefully this continues to get expanded upon, i hate a-chassis, pain in my rear lower area