Beveling Techniques Blender 2.8 **(HardSurface)** SHADE SMOOTH

Hey there! Visions here.

Today im gonna teach you different beveling techniques that aim for a realism setting (One of these can be used for low poly)

The common way to bevel its by Ctrl+B

Now add shade smooth (Space > Shade Smooth)

It might look good for Some Settings, but in this tutorial we are aiming for a HardSurface setting (Guns, Man made stuff, structures.) This my come handy for some Bubble Shading, for low poly settings.

If you select just the bevels and Shade Smooth them they will give this effect:

Second Method, Shade smooth with Control Loops.

Add a Cube and Shade Smooth it, its gonna look really weird.

The idea is to add control looks in edit mode close to the edges (CTRL+R)

Move them to the sides

Like this

Add control loops to all the sides until you have something like this.

Now you have the idea.

Lets say you have this weird thing.

Add control loops to the sides like this.

You should end with something that looks like a grenade? The point is the smooth edges.

For the cylindrical head is pretty easy.

Select the face and press — i ----

Thats pretty much it, if you have questions feel free to ask i have been using Blender for many years.


The weird thing could be a steil granade, do you use this over edge split or mark sharp? If so, why? Concise tutorial!

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Those both methods are for different uses i believe, they add an effect directly in the faces instead of the edges, the point is to add smooth edges while keeping that hard surface faces.

I use mark sharp when i dont want to edge split modifier, i actually never use split modifier.