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There are a lot of posts out there on the developer forum, and I’d like to fit them into one post. This will for sure NOT cover all the blender stuff out there, but I will try to add as many useful ones as I can. If you found a post that is not included in this, please tell me, I will be grateful for your contribution! Also, if you find a post that is incorrect but included, also please tell me. I will have lots of #resources:community-tutorials. If you liked it, feel free to share with other who you think could use this! The main reason I am making this is because it is a pain for me to go through all of the posts about blender and bookmark them one by one.
If you don’t want your post in this for whatever reason, please tell me and I will remove it.


Very basics of blender and importing/exporting.

Tutorial: Scaling and Positioning Tips - by Inyo22 - Nov 2019 (Good for exporting blender stuff)
Tutorial: Blender Basics and Export Guide - by AejeongKiyo - Mar 2019 (Good for beginnners.)
Tutorial: Importing roblox objects into blender cycles - by @nurgenius - Aug 2017 (Useful!)
Tutorial: Some tips and tricks to uploading meshes properly and improving physical interactions (Blender 2.8) - @EtiTheSpirit - Jul 17, updated Oct 2019 (SUPER USEFUL. Highly recommend checking out. Thanks EtiTheSpirit! )
Tutorial: Introduction to low-poly and blender (How to create an island) - @Natalie_Clabo - Jan 2020 (Good for beginners, well explained. Highly recommend for beginners.)
Tutorial: Something to help you all with multiple blender mesh exports - nurgenius - Jan 2018 (Very helpful)
Tutorial: Creating a UGC Hat! - Blender 2.8 Tutorial - ADbros - April 2020 (Great for beginners!)
Tutorial: Blender Tutorial Series | Navigation & Simple Modeling | #1 - ap_ek - Jan 2020 (Well made)
Tutorial: Importing multiple meshes into studio (beginners) - and yes, another one by… nurgenius!!! - Oct 2018 (Useful and simple)
Tutorial: Very basic how to upload meshes from blender - FlighterDeveloper - April 2020 (Sorta useful, very basic)
Tutorial: 3D Models missing faces when imported from Blender? Recalculate your normals! - Tyanarus - May 2020 (Small and useful)
Tutorial: [Blender 2.79] Beginner’s Low-Poly Tutorial: Controls, Low-Poly Trees & More! - DarkSinisterPVP - Dec 2019 (Useful and informative for beginners, a few outdated parts (if you use 2.8))
Tutorial: Low-Polying Tutorial for Beginners: Low-Poly Basics - @Pyrotenics - Feb 2019 (small, useful, good for beginners)
Tutorial: Introduction into UV mapping textures on Blender 2.8 & importing into Roblox Studio - micquiesce - May 2020 (Kinda useful if you don’t know)

Must-use (Highly reccomended)

Tutorial: Blender rig exporter/animation importer - by @Den_s - March 2017 (Still works, very useful)
Tutorial: Fantasy house with Blender - @Jaudr3y - Mar 2020 (VERY VERY useful and informative, requires a bit of blender understanding. Recommend.)
Tutorial: Creating Simulator-Styled Pets in Blender - Natalie_Clabo Thanks so much for making these tutorials - April 2020 wow so many april tutorials (Very useful, well-made and informative. A must-use.)
Tutorial: Full Guide on how to use PBR Materials in Blender - @FastAsFlash_Dev - Apr 2020 (Useful, Informative sorry if these are getting repetitive im getting tired of writing these. just check out the links)

Terrain Generation

Tutorial: How to make kilometers of Triangle Terrain in minutes - @VisionsInMyHead - March 2020 (Very useful and fast for terrain!)
Tutorial: Generating mountains in blender - by @28Y8 - Apr 10 (Very useful, well made)
Tutorial: How to make a generate a low poly terrain in blender in less than 10 seconds! - Yup, you guessed it! nurgenius - Feb 2018 (another simple yet useful tutorial!)
Tutorial: Using Blender to generate properly scaled heightmaps from a mesh - shadowcalen1 - Nov 2019 (Useful)
Tutorial: Guide & tips on making a heightmap & colourmap for generation - @TheEldritchDreamer - Jun 2019 (Useful and cool)

Great Tips and Tricks!

Tutorial: How to make objects glow in blender cycles - monstah679 - April 2020 (Simple and short but useful.)
Tutorial: Blender Transparent Textures - lu_xt - April 2020 (Simple, useful)
Tutorial: Blender Tips and Tricks #2 - Grass, Trees, Roots and Ivy! - @RipperGFX - Jan 2020 (Great tips!)
Tutorial: Blender Tip: Auto Smooth instead of Edge Split Modifier - Mistertitanic44 - Dec 2017 (simple, useful)
Tutorial: Blender Tips and Tricks #3 - Height maps and bump maps! - RipperGFX - April 2020 (Great tips - check them out!)
Tutorial: How to create a Cel/Toon-Shading effect on models using blender! - 0929lego - Oct 2019 (Short but useful)
Tutorial: Blender Tips and Tricks - Clothing Folds, Materials, Rain, and more! - RipperGFX - Nov 2019 (Awesome. Go check it out!)
Tutorial: Beveling Techniques Blender 2.8 (HardSurface) SHADE SMOOTH - @VisionsInMyHead - May 2020 (Small useful and cool)
Tutorial: Mesh Fase/Normal Orientation Blender 2.8 - VisionsInMyHead - May 2020 (Useful and simple)
Tutorial: Vertex Painting and Rendering in Blender - Tutorial - DevAwesomely - Mar 2019 (Useful simple and cool!)
Tutorial: Creating new and fresh Skyboxes - Plutonem - Jun 2018 (A bit outdated)
Tutorial: [3D/2D] Helpful thoughts about UV unwrapping - @TheEldritchDreamer - Dec 2018 (Small and useful)

Making assets

Tutorial: Making Hair - by @Jaudr3y - March 11 (Need some blender understanding, very well made)
Tutorial: Easiest Way to make hair in blender - by @dobduv - May 9th 2020 (Very well made! Informative and requires a bit of blender understanding.)
Tutorial: Generating Trees in Blender - by - 28Y8 - May 13th 2020 (Very well made, very useful)
Tutorial: Jack o’ Lanterns! Pumpkin Modeling with blender - by AshCr4ft - Oct 2017 (Useful and fun!)


Very useful!

This is probably the best one. Resource: Blender Development Resources - @jordonh23 - Jun 2019 (VERY USEFUL. Check it out right now.)
Resource: Common Mistakes and ways to Improve when Modeling Low Poly - EnDarke - April 2020 (Can be useful a lot!)
Resource: Model packs. Low poly, and Low poly horror. - @Iucag (May 2020)
Resource: Art Support: || How to make GFX (Beginners) - Lava_Creeper03 - May 2020 (Very useful for starting out.)
Resource: DeLorean Render + Lighting setup details - @GuestCapone - Sep 2018 (VERY VERY GOOD
Resource: Blender Hotkey Sheet - by nurgenius - Nov 2018 (Good, can help a lot)
Resource: [BLEND] Lowpoly Factory - by @ayyziloo

Other resources

Resource: My Experience With Blender - Lentzified - Dec 2018 (Can help)
Resource: Roblox Renders | Free to use - Flamindy - Dec 2019
Resource: 19 Simple Low-Poly Icon Assets - LawlR - Feb 2019
Resource: Free Low-Poly Lighting - Canadlan_Developer - Feb 2020
Resource: Free Graphic Resources - msami7893 - May 2020

Also, I did not search for many building support etc posts, because there are way too many. If you find one that you think is a must-need, please tell me!
Building Support: Collision issue with Blender-made tunnel - Kluwn
Discussion: How to get blender materials into studio discussion - nurgenius

Building support: Importing with materials blender - @EthanRobloxYT123

Popular posts:

  1. Fantasy house with Blender
  2. Blender Development Resources
  3. Blender rig exporter/animation importer

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Edit: If you want to learn more on blender, I highly suggest Grant Abbitt. He also has a website which can help a lot too: Website, Beginner Tutorial Series

If you have any other suggestions, please send me a DM and we can chat and discuss.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you like it! (and if it helped)


This very useful, I’m thankful that you spent your time gathering this, I have already bookmarked it.


This guide is helpful, but it would be very helpful (as your poll puts it) if you organized it a bit more. Right now there are a bunch of titles and links, and it looks scary from just glancing at it. Maybe split it into different skills, or final product categories.

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I will probably do that later, but I am pretty busy today so I will try to sort it out and organize it tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion!


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This very helpful for new Members in the Dev Forums, or developers looking for some guides on certain situations and support!



Thankyou for using the asset packs! :))

Edit : I’d organise tutorials into gfx, blender, accessories and stuff like that, really good work though this will help a lot of people.


Thanks for using a link of mine. Glad you find it helpful. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I have updated this so that it is more user-friendly and organized. If you have any tips or suggestions for this post, just tell me in this topic. If you have posts you want to add, please DM me in the DevForums. Thanks to @Iucag and @CAP7A1N for the tips! Also thanks to @VisionsInMyHead for new posts.