Beyond The Blox - Developer Podcast

Being fairly new to scripting, this will definitely help me out a ton!
Thank you so much for making this!

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I’ll make sure to listen to this every time I have time.

Invite me as guest.

Thanks for this :).

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I have listened to the first 2 episodes and I love this podcast!

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8, wow.
My Saturday nights will be nice then listening to this.
How long does it take you to make these?

It’s a nice idea and all … I just confused it for Behind the Blox.

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A couple hours of prep to decide the rough content. An hour for recording. And then probably 4 hours in edit. An hour for the YouTube version to do the after effects and the titles and check that everything’s working nicely. If we’ve deviated a bit from the intended content, then transcribing the video for those who want captions can take another hour or two depending on the length of the episode.

All in all, about 8-10 hours of work per episode, and then just waiting for things to render and export and upload, but I can obviously do other things during that time.


I am super happy with how this one turned out, and we had a great time chatting. It’s long, so make sure you’ve got an hour free to take a listen, or put it on in the background while developing!

Lots of feedback from friends and this thread have gone into this episode, so you’ll find it more conversational and less scripted, slightly shorter transitions, fewer transitions, and some really interesting content.

Episode 4 featuring @spotco is available now on popular listening platforms!

How to Get a Career in Video Games

Listen on Anchor:

YouTube version with CC:



Personally I have listened to all of the episodes up the #3 and I’m in love! Looking for the episodes to come!

Good Luck!


Wow, this is a really interesting idea!

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Definitely bookmarking this for later. :heart:

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Where’s episode 5?


An episode about marketing your games and getting players would be cool


Yes! I love your podcasts so much!


Episode 5 is now out, and is a short special episode talking about the changes I plan to make with the podcast, and a few ways you (the audience and/or future guests) can get involved.

Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

  • The podcast style will be similar to episode 4 - part interview, part conversation, no script.
  • The goal of the podcast is not to be just a learning resource, it will focus on more abstract concepts and will be based around sharing developer experiences rather than promising to teach you one specific thing.
  • The titles of future episodes will reflect this, by highlighting part of the conversation, e.g. “Working in the games industry with spotco” as opposed to “How to get a career in the games industry”. It’s not a huge change, but it’s an important distinction.
  • Broader intake of guests, from all corners of the developer community. You don’t need to be a top creator or a well-known name to be featured, just have something interesting to talk about. Whether you’re into building, scripting, modelling, clothing, graphic design, animation, project management, etc.
  • More opportunities for audience participation via voice notes/messages. You can now leave us an answer-machine message on the Anchor app.
    • If you don’t have the app, you can upload an audio clip manually here: BanTech Systems
  • I’ll be sticking to the schedule much more closely by recording the episodes at least a week in advance, and with a wider intake of guests and less scripted content, it’ll be quicker to produce. Expect a lot more content soon!

Listen to Episode 5 for a bit more detail and to hear me explain some of the reasons behind the changes.

As always I’ll continue to update this Devforum post with each episode, but you can follow me on Twitter, subscribe on Anchor or on YouTube to get notified of future episodes.

We’ll be back with the first episode of this new style on Friday 11th October in episode #06!


Was very fun to be on, glad I was a part of it :wink:

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thank you for having me! it was fun talking with you

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Yeah it was awesome! Thanks for coming on as a guest!


Episode 7 featuring @Wingboy0 is available now on all the usual podcast listening apps and platforms.

This is also the first episode featuring your voice messages from our answer machine!!! Check it out in the last segment of the episode.

If you’d like to leave us a voice message for a future episode, instructions here: BanTech Systems

If you’d like to feature on an episode as a guest, apply here:

p.s. YouTube version will be slightly later than usual - tomorrow at 12:00 BST!


I really enjoyed recording this with you. Thanks for having me on!


You’re welcome, it was great chatting to you!

Episode 8 featuring Jexpler is now available to listen to on Anchor and popular podcast platforms.