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Beyond The Blox is a podcast all about the Roblox platform and game development. Whether you’re just starting out or have been developing for a while, this is the podcast for you.

Each episode focuses on a different developer from the community, exploring their motivations and their projects on the platform. The goal is to shed light on different aspects of game development, and help both new and established developers to learn and grow.


Beyond The Blox is available on YouTube as well as many popular listening platforms via Spotify for Podcasters.

Season 2

ScriptOn - Roblox DevHouse, Vehicle Sim (S2E1)

On this episode, twice Roblox intern @ScriptOn talks through his 12-year development history and applying to return to Roblox for a third time for the Accelerator program, as well as telling us all about life at DevHouse.

See his work on Roblox and Twitter, and check out Team !mpact.

Running length: 00:27:22

Audio version: Episode S2E1 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E1 on YouTube

TheAmazeman - Roblox Titanic, Survive a Plane Crash (S2E2)

On this episode, Roblox Titanic creator @TheAmazeman talks about his work in the disaster survival genre, the contrast between developing at school vs full-time, and using Instagram and TikTok to promote his studio Virtual Valley Games.

See his work on Roblox and Twitter, and check out Virtual Valley Games.

Running length: 00:34:31

Audio version: Episode S2E2 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E2 on YouTube

ItsKoiske - Translating Roblox, Punk of all Trades (S2E3)

On this episode, Roblox translator and developer ItsKoiske discusses the importance of translating games and experiences for worldwide audiences, the recent enabling of automatic translations for all developers, and the problems that can come with it.

Check out their porfolio on DevSource, their Roblox profile and follow them on Twitter.

Running length: 00:20:13

Audio version: Episode S2E3 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E3 on YouTube

thebenster - Roblox Security, Make a Cake (S2E4)

On this episode, classic Robloxian @thebenster walks us through the last 13 years of game development and the incredible success of his Make a Cake franchise with Roblox toys and merch, as well as touching on the topic of account security after a recent scare.

Check out his Roblox profile and follow him on Twitter.

Running length: 00:31:38

Audio version: Episode S2E4 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E4 on YouTube

MrAsync - Metaverse on Roblox, Ghostopia, Supersocial (S2E5)

On this episode, @MrAsync talks about life at Supersocial and his 10 year journey on the Roblox platform from player to developer. We discuss the metaverse - what it means now and what it might mean in the future, and how Roblox fits into the concept.

Check out his Roblox profile and follow him on Twitter.

Running length: 00:34:38

Audio version: Episode S2E5 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E5 on YouTube

GregTame - Pioneering Roblox VR into the Future (S2E6)

On this episode, @GregTame joins us to chat about VR support on Roblox and his VR exclusive games. He pioneers the use of some awesome tech on the platform to create immersive multiplayer and solo adventures - could it be the future of Roblox?

Check out his Roblox profile and follow him on Twitter.

Running length: 00:44:11

Audio version: Episode S2E6 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E6 on YouTube

Quenty - WFYB, Roblox Intern, Open Source Tools (S2E7)

On this episode, @Quenty joins us to chat about all things Roblox, from his open source tools and plugins, to integrating features directly in Studio during his internship. We also discuss Whatever Floats Your Boat, some of Quenty’s less well known games, and the need to never be bored.

Visit his website for a full portfolio and to find all his social links.

Running length: 00:34:03

Audio version: Episode S2E7 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S2E7 on YouTube

Season 1

Preventing Developer’s Block (S1E1)

AlvinBlox - Learning to Script on Roblox (S1E2)

On this episode @Alvin_Blox joins BanTech to discuss how they learned to script, and to answer some of the community’s questions on the tools, tips and tricks for learning to script on Roblox. Scripting is a valuable skill and allows you to make your creations come to life by programming behaviours and interactions.

Running length: 00:50:02

Audio version: Episode S1E2 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E2 on YouTube

Charlie_RBX - Building a Roblox Game Community (S1E3)

On this episode, Charlie_RBX joins BanTech to discuss the pros and cons of building a community for your Roblox game, and some advice on how to go about running a community. Charlie_RBX is the owner of Stepford County Railway - a game with 4.8M+ visits, 26,000+ group members and over 6000 Discord members.

Running length: 00:26:28

Apologies for some of the audio on this episode.

I’ve had a cold for a week now (I know, in the middle of summer!) and so my nose was a bit blocked, particularly towards the end. Also the guest’s microphone had a bit of noise that proved difficult to remove - unfortunately I don’t have much control over that.

Audio version: Episode S1E3 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E3 on YouTube

spotco - Former Roblox Employee, Robeats Creator (S1E4)

On this episode, @spotco joins BanTech to chat about the game development industry, working at Roblox, and how to make a career out of programming video games. @spotco is a former Roblox employee, creator of RoBeats (29M+ visits) and currently working at a well-known AAA game studio.

Running length: 00:59:58

Audio version: Episode S1E4 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E4 on YouTube

Changes to Beyond The Blox (S1E5)

iGottic - Common Roblox Developer Mistakes (S1E6)

On this episode, @iGottic joins BanTech to discuss common mistakes that Roblox developers make which limit their game from reaching its full potential. @iGottic is the creator of No-Scope Sniping, One Shot Insanity and Infinite Autocorrect, and shares his advice on allowing your game to flourish.

Running length: 00:33:46

Audio version: Episode S1E6 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E6 on YouTube

Wingboy0 - Roblox Animator, Tech Demos (S1E7)

On this episode, @Wingboy0 joins BanTech for a discussion about his work on Roblox and the motivation behind it. @Wingboy0 has several test games and technical demonstrations such as ParkourSystem, Lag Compensation and Defenders of the Realm.

Running length: 00:36:11

Audio version: Episode S1E7 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E7 on YouTube

Jexpler - Roblox GFX Artist, SCP-970 (S1E8)

On this episode, @Jexpler joins BanTech for a chat about 3D GFX, Roblox Fame (group) and transitioning into building and scripting. @Jexpler has a few speed arts and some speed builds on his YouTube channel, as well as a never-ending hallway demo SCP-970 based on the anomalous urban fantasy tale.

Running length: 00:25:49

Audio version: Episode S1E8 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E8 on YouTube

TwentyTwoPilots - Roblox DevEx Cars, Ultimate Driving (S1E9)

On this episode, @TwentyTwoPilots joins BanTech for a chat about the Ultimate Driving universe and its future, as well as TTP’s civil engineering career and the crossovers with Roblox game development. And of course, BanTech gets all the details about TTP’s real-life blue cars courtesy of DevEx income.

Running length: 00:24:29

Audio version: Episode S1E9 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E9 on YouTube

boatbomber - Lua Learning on Roblox (S1E10)

On this episode, @boatbomber joins @Alvin_Blox (guest host) to talk about his journey from first joining Roblox through to creating Lua Learning. boatbomber has created numerous open source projects to help other developers on the platform.

Running length: 00:45:04

Audio version: Episode S1E10 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E10 on YouTube

SteadyOn - Clueless Roblox, Game Analytics (S1E11)

On this episode, @SteadyOn joins @Alvin_Blox (guest host) to chat about early life on Roblox, how the platform has evolved, and how the evolution has influenced the style of games. SteadyOn goes into detail about his new service RTrack to provide realtime in-depth analytics of games and advertisements on Roblox.

Running length: 00:52:20

Audio version: Episode S1E11 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E11 on YouTube

evaera - Adopt Me!, Roblox Discord Bots (S1E12)

On this episode, @evaera joins BanTech to discuss what it’s like to work in a large team at Dreamcraft on the record-breaking Adopt Me! game, whilst maintaining one of the most widely-used Roblox Discord bots, RoVer. evaera also talks about the motivations behind her open source libraries and the Scripting Helpers website.

Running length: 00:43:38

Audio version: Episode S1E12 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E12 on YouTube

EgoMoose - Bloxy Nominee, Roblox Wiki (S1E13)

On this episode, Bloxy nominee @EgoMoose discusses the Roblox Wiki, open source projects and his epic uses of tech! EgoMoose describes a career of enabling other developers through extremely helpful articles and free-to-take tools and demos.

See his work on Twitter and Roblox, as well as articles, modules and tools on Github.

Running length: 00:30:08

Audio version: Episode S1E13 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E13 on YouTube

GeorgeTheDev - Roblox Accelerator Intern (S1E14)

On this episode, Accelerator Intern @GeorgeOfAIITrades speaks about racing, old projects and making connections with other developers on the platform. George also talks about what it’s like to apply and get accepted into the Roblox Accelerator program.

See his work on Roblox and Twitter.

Running length: 00:42:44

Audio version: Episode S1E14 on Spotify for Podcasters
YouTube: Episode S1E14 on YouTube

Beyond The Blox is brought to you by BanTech Systems.


This is a really cool idea! I’ll listen to this when I have a chance.

How do you decide who gets to guest star?


To become a guest, either:

  • You message me (on here, Twitter, YouTube comments, whatever) with an idea for an episode. Think broad topics, like learning to script, building a community for your game, monetisation, etc. and why you’re a good person to chat to about it.

  • Or, if I’m planning some episode ideas and I don’t have a guest yet, I’ll look around and see who’s a good fit. Alvin replied to me on Twitter and I was hoping to do an episode on learning to script, so it was a perfect fit and I tweeted him to see if he was interested.

So if you’re interested, either come to me with an idea, or let me know what your experience is and I’ll come to you with the idea.


Awesome idea, I’m listening to the latest podcast at the moment and there’s some great advice in there that I sure will take note of.
Will you be following a podcast upload schedule or will podcasts be announced in advance on random dates?


Is the Spotify version released?


I’m hoping to establish a regular schedule from episode 3 onwards. Episode 2 is this Friday at 11:00 UTC which is exactly two weeks from the first episode.

I’m hoping to reduce this down to weekly but we’ll see how long the whole recording and processing bit takes as I get used to it and have more guests on. I’m also between 3 locations at the moment but I’ll be permanently in my new home from next week so that helps!

Tldr; Fridays, 11:00 UTC (midday UK time), hopefully weekly.


It is indeed! If you’re looking for episode 2 it’ll be out this coming Friday. Episode 1 is available on all the places listed if you go to and click “More places to listen”.

Even more platforms will continue to be added as the podcast is accepted there.


Thanks! I’ll check it out! How many episodes will there be?


Love it! I was always surprised by the low number of Roblox podcasts so I’m glad somebody is filling that gap.

I’m eager to hear you talk to Alvin as I personally find discussions with other developers/creators some of the most interesting content. I’m curious how it will differ it as your first episode seems very planned out, whereas conversations between two people tend to be more free flowing. It will be interesting, but I’m excited to see how it goes!

Good luck and I hope you keep with it!


There will be as many as possible until I run out of ideas, at which point I’ll conclude the series, take a break, and come back for season 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


I started listening to it and I’m really enjoying it. I really like that there’s a few roblox podcasts starting to pop up.

I agree with this. Can’t wait for you to talk to Alvin. Are you going to talk with any other developers?


Absolutely, I’m planning to make most, if not all future episodes be with a guest who is knowledgeable on the topic either by experience or qualifications.

At the moment I have a couple of episodes that are in the planning phase with GeorgeTheDev (creator of NASCAR '18, working his way back up after deleting that game) and Charlie_RBX (I work with him on a rail simulation game which has a community of 24k+ on Roblox group and ~6k on Discord)

I’ve got a few others who sound interested but no confirmed topics for those yet. And I will also be approaching a few different developers from different aspects of the community (modellers, designers and artists, creators of huge games, and some just starting out) to give some insight into areas that I personally am less knowledgeable on but would love to hear about.


Episode 2 featuring @Alvin_Blox is available now on popular listening platforms!

Learning to Script on Roblox

Listen on Anchor:

YouTube version will be available later today, at 16:00 UTC.


This sounds very great, interesting, and unique!

I love Dungeons and Dragons podcasts and I enjoy listening to them while I work.

Will you be featuring developers and talk with them on their upcoming games if something in particular is really exciting?


I think each episode will be on an aspect of game development, so I’d be more than happy to feature developers with upcoming games if they came on to talk about their marketing strategy, or how they are building up a playerbase etc.


Wow, this looks amazing! I will definitely go check this out.


Episode 3 featuring Charlie_RBX is available now on popular listening platforms!

Building a Community for a Game

Listen on Anchor:

YouTube version with CC will be available later today, at 17:00 BST / 16:00 UTC.


Nice one!
Can’t wait to listen to it tonight.
How often are they going to be released?

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Thanks for the feedback. I’m definitely going to try to get closer to this in future episodes. It’s hard to make sure all the content gets covered without some guideline, and some of the guests struggle without a proper script, but for example the one with Alvin went off script quite a few times hence it ended up around 50 minutes after cutting down.

It’s sort of a weigh up between how long the episode is, how useful it ends up being, how long it takes me to edit, so that I can get them out (hopefully) weekly and still do my general game development work too.

Still learning so I’m appreciative of the help!


Hopefully weekly from this point forwards! Although I’d rather miss the odd week and get a higher quality episode than rush it too much. I’ve got ideas for the next 8 episodes, it’s just nailing down the content and guests