BillboardGui interfering with chat

I’ve having problems where chat appears behind my name tag Gui. I want the chat to appear infront of if tho.

I’ve read through this question BillboardGui nametag interferes with chat but the solution does not work. I am creating a new topic as I have been told off in the past for bumping old topics. Don’t shoot the messenger :upside_down_face:

local function CreateGui()
	local BillboardGui ='BillboardGui')
	BillboardGui.AlwaysOnTop = true
	BillboardGui.MaxDistance = 50
	BillboardGui.Name = 'NameTag'
	BillboardGui.Size =, 0, 2, 0)
	BillboardGui.LightInfluence = 0
	BillboardGui.StudsOffset =, 4, 0)
	return BillboardGui

I’ve tried both Global and Sibling ZIndex behaviours.

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i mean if your too lazy you could just turn off the billboard when the bubbles are there or something

just use your damn ninja skills bro

That’s not logical…

What he’s saying is when the player chats, and there’s a message there, hide the BillboardGui for the time until the message is gone.

I know that’s what he meant. And I’m saying it’s not reasonable. Because then chat labels would be appearing and disappearing continously.

What’s the need for bubble chat in your game?

It looks good…

Would it be different if you change AlwaysOnTop to false?