BillboardGui nametag interferes with chat

I am creating a Billboardgui above the player’s head that contains statistics about that player. However, when the player chats, it blurs through the billboardGui, making both appear unreadable.
Is there a way I can make chat always above the BillboardGui? ZIndex?

The BillboardGui above the head:


Can you provide a screenshot of when it’s blurred?

Do you have AlwaysOnTop property enabled?

I’m not getting the same problem.


EDIT: not even with AlwaysOnTop on.

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I thought op was referring to the bubble chat opposed to the gui.


Well I want the Chat to appear above, not the billboardGui

I tried to replicate this but was not successful.

I don’t think it has to do with any lighting effects because I added some blur to my game just to test it, the chat does become “fuzzy” but its still legible.


Speaking of which, lighting effects should not have an effect on the chat, but that’s just my opinion

Can you be a little more specific on how you’re setting up your BillboardGui?

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Now that you mention blur, it might be something with bloom, if he has any added.

I don’t have access to a computer, so I can’t test it.

I just checked - bloom doesn’t seem to do anything either.

Ah, alright. I wish he would have added a screenshot of what it looks like when they both get blurred.

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Afaik its impossible to render things such as humanoid names and chat bubbles that are rendered C side below all the elements with Lua access to them.

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It goes over the chat, not what I wanted. The adornee is set to the head of the character.

And sometimes, when i move my camera, the chat goes over, and sometimes under but it just kinda blurs in and out of the chat awkwardly.

So… Z-Fighting?


Apparently you should not use StudsOffsetWorldSpace for nameTags or the chat will be rendered under.
Use StudsOffset instead. I do not know why this is, but this 100% fixed the problem.