BillboardGui TextLabel Disappearing from 24 Studs Away

I’m trying to make an overhead Healthbar UI for my game, but for some odd reason the TextLabel inside of the BillboardGui disappears at about 24 studs away from the camera.

If it helps, this is how I have my UI set out.
This may be a problem with the scaling because in the BillboardGui I have the “Size” property set to:


(I have it set to this so that the X size of the UI is at a constant size in pixels even when you’re far away)
Even then, I tested it with a size set with only ‘Scale’ values and the problem still persisted.
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:




Could you send a ScreenShot of the properties window of the billboardGUI? I could be the max distance set on it making the text not show up.

Okay, here you go.
Also I don’t think there is a MaxDistance property in the TextLabel like there is with the BillboardGui but it might be caused by an issue with another property.



Hi again, do you know what the issue is?


Looking at your properties, I’ve actually never seen something like this before. I’ve tested it out myself, having a billboardGUI and have a text label inside of it. I then zoomed away but was still able to see it.

Mind showing the properties window of the BillboardGUI?

Sorry for a very late reply, I’ve been busy.

Here are the properties in the BillboardGui

I know the scaling property may be weird but it’s necessary for the nametag to keep a consistent size in pixels on the Player’s screen. If you want to know, I changed all sizing including in the TextLabel to scale only (etc {1,0},{1,0}) but the TextLabel still disappears first when moving away from the BillboardGui.

Here’s the model file if you want to tinker around with it.
Nametag.rbxm (6.5 KB)

Weird, when I playtest in studio with the model file, it works as it should, both disapearing at 32 studs.

This could just be a visual thing, and how their engine works. I suggest playing around with the properties and seeing one that can work.

If I find a way to solve this, I will let you know!

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Hi, sorry for the incredibly late reply… lol

From memory, I think I’ve fixed this already but I’ll check. If I have, I’ll mark your posts as solution since you’ve been the only person who tried to help, so thank you!!

As it turns out, it was, in fact, a cause of the size properties in the BillboardGui.

Old Healthbar Size:
New Healthbar Size (the change that fixed the problem):

Thanks for the help! The TextLabel was simply clipping out of the Y bounds of the BillboardGui and disappearing, as the Y scale was not consistent with the X and progressively got smaller when moving away, making less room for the TextLabel.

This pretty much sums it up too:

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