BillboardGui under a ScreenGui renders in 2D as well

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A few days ago I started getting reports of some billboard guis in my game looking massive. It has never happened before and I didn’t change anything that would cause this.

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As this bug hasn’t happened to me, I’m unsure how much it is happening, but I have recieved at least 3 reports in the last 2 days.

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This is in a live roblox game.

This is what it normally looks like:

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The players who reported this were using Windows 10 at 1920x1080. Graphics cards were GT 610 and GTX 980M.

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A player first reported this to me just under 2 days ago (however it definitely isn’t happening to everyone).

One player managed to repro it by changing his screen resolution, but all the other players who reported said they didn’t change their screen size/resolution.

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Thanks for the report! we will look into this.


Hey! Any udpate on this? I’m still getting reports of this happening!


We’ve logged the bug in our system and have tried to reproduce, but haven’t had any luck so far. Any idea how/when this shows up? Have all the reports still only been on windows?


Ah :confused: I’m afraid I can’t give you much more information sorry - It’s literally just a BillboardGui with the Adornee set to a part in the workspace. I then change change the Visible property of the frame inside the billboardgui.

And yes, all the reports so far have been on windows!


Just had a report from someone on Mac but no other extra info, sorry :confused:


A similar glitch is happening to a game I’m helping develop:!/game-instances

(not sure if it’s a related bug)

It constantly resizes itself everytime I move the camera. Someone reported that this doesn’t glitch out on mobile, though.

It looks as if a copy of the billboard gui is placed on the top left; here’s a cop with custom dialog speech, both on the corner and on the head:


I’ve seen this as well. If anyone can figure out a consistent way to reproduce this, it would help us a lot.


It happens if the BillboardGui is inside a screengui that’s parented to PlayerGui.


I tried this and was not able to reproduce. Would you mind posting or PM’ing the place file where you took this screenshot?


repro.rbxl (15.0 KB)
Happens in play mode(f6 or f5)


@Homeomorph This happens fairly frequently in games with bubble chat enabled (the default bubble chat implementation involves creating images in a “bubblechat” billboardgui.

There was a FFlag that was set around 4/26 that caused this regression. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when the bug happens with bubble chat:

As long as the camera was not moved, the billboardgui would be “double rendered” (there would be the expected version, as well as the incorrect version visible in what appears to be screen-space). In the bubble chat scripts, frame .visibles are set when the camera moves (which cause the double-rendering to disappear).

Here is the bubble chat script (forked from the latest bubble chat some time ago) that has the issue:
BubbleChat.ModuleScript.lua.html (22.7 KB)

Here is a fixed version of bubble chat that I’m using for my game. All changes are marked “SPCHANGE”.
BubbleChat_fixed.ModuleScript.lua.html (23.1 KB)

(Removing the TweenPosition and TweenPositionAndSizes seems to remove the large majority of the billboardgui flickering, still occurs sometimes when ingame).


Thank you for the detailed reports. We’re working on a fix. The problem is that we accidentally stopped ignoring descendants of BillboardGuis when collecting all of the descendants of a ScreenGui to display on screen.

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So that’s what it was! I saw this when playing Entry Point a few weeks ago and got really confused.


This is still happening, any ETA on a fix?

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For anyone still struggling: Move the BBGui from ScreenGui into StarterGui. It fixed it for me on all platforms.


fwiw I am going to attempt to turn on a fix for this today.


the fix is live! lmk if you still see this issue


Is this live in new servers only? Still happening in our game (Vehicle Simulator).


They also show up in two separate locations at times.