BillboardGui under a ScreenGui renders in 2D as well


out of curiosity, in that screenshot is that your local player doing the bubble chat or another player?


That was me


weird… I will look into this


I’m getting the same bug. I turned off chat bubbles as a result (because some would literally cover the whole screen) but Adonis has a bchat command so I could still test it.


Still happening for me as well, some camera movement even results in a complete white out screen.


Happens for me too.


I’ve managed to solve this! Create a copy of the BubbleChat localscript and add this one line. Fixed.

This will work for a temporary. I expected it to fail but it turns out that it works perfectly. It’s kind of funny, because I had done this as a reaction for lack of having any other way to fix it. I was thinking, “Ok, so if there’s a root gui element inside of another root gui element, then we might see two bubbles because it’s just drawing for both elements… So what if I disable the one I don’t want?” … And here we are.

EDIT: You can get a copy of the LocalScript [HERE]

It may be best to mark this as the answer for the time being, since it’s super easy to do and works.

(Edit, gonna @darthskrill since you were looking for a fix. The fix that was pushed by you was not working for me, even after full shutdown. If it’s working for other people, I think you can safely disregard the fact that it’s broken for me.)

Chat bubbles scaling & locking to the top left of the screen

Seems like today its gotten worse than usual. Hope the fix is coming soon :yum:

Default Chat Bubbles - Glitching across screen

Still getting it


It seems that there is some glitch with chat bubbles. Every time I walk away from someone (to the point where the chat bubble changes to …) and then rotate my camera the chat bubble takes up the entire screen. Everyone in the game is seeing this and we use the default ROBLOX chat. I cannot believe that more people are not reporting this. Here is a gif of what happens.

I have seen this mainly at


I have a fix for this that I am working on, hoping to release the fix next week. Thanks for the report!

Chat Bubbles glitching and filling up the screen

This issue seems to be fixed as tested with latest build.


Great, thank you! Is this only in new servers? I got a report a couple of hours ago.


Hey! I’m still getting reports this is happening :confused:


Are you able to repro yourself? What are the reports like? I can try and diagnose, but I’ll need a repro case


I’m afraid I haven’t been able to repro, sorry :frowning: I’ll try and follow up with more information from the players who are experiencing it!


Hey! Players are still experiencing this but unfortunately I haven’t been able to repro it :confused: My setup is a billboardgui in a ScreenGui in StarterGui with an Adornee set to a part in the workspace (although doing this in a Baseplate or even in the real game for me doesn’t replicate the bug). I then make the Frame inside the billboardgui Visible and that’s when it ocasionally happens (although never happened to me or a lot of players).

Edit: It randomly happened to me in studio; everything looked normal apart from the MaxDistance which was inf Also, tagging @Tiffnix as I was recommended to by @woot3. Thanks!


Sorry to bump this but I’m still experiencing this issue and players are getting annoyed by it :confused:


It looks like this was a different bug from the previous closely related one we fixed. We’ll look into it.

In the mean time, you could consider using a Folder instead of a ScreenGui as the parent of your BillboardGui.