Currently, BillboardGuis have a PlayerToHideFrom property, which I am assuming is mainly used for when the GUI is hovering over a player’s character and the player himself is not supposed to see it. I am proposing that this property is changed from a single object to either a single object or group of objects, so that you can hide the GUI from more than one player, I.E. an entire team.
I know that this is achievable with some PlayerGui tricks and a bunch of local GUIs, but the property is already there in order to make things like this simpler, it could just use a promotion.


So, the value can be a single player or a table of players?

Low priority imo, but I like it.

I really hate that that member even exists. We certainly don’t need it to be expanded. User interfaces should be locally run on the client and the server should never ever even come close to modifying anything resembling a gui element. Making it easy for people to make guis that are controlled by the server makes it easy to make guis that are slow and hard to use, and I don’t think that’s a good thing.