BillboardGui's creating weird glitch effects when using CanvasGroups

Reproduction Steps

Seems to only occur for a few people. And only occurs with CanvasGroups

Occurs within this game I’m working on: Dragon Tycoon 🐉 - Roblox

Does not happen with me, but has been reported by several people. I am using CanvasFrame, unsure if that’s what be making it do this. Like I said, only occurs for some people

Expected Behavior

BillboardGui’s to actually appear cleanly.

Actual Behavior

They glitch out, for no apparent reason. Also can sometime just make the Gui’s a purple box?

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Sometimes


I’ve had multiple issues in my game with CanvasGroups where sometimes the background would just be black even though the BackgroundTransparency was set to 1. Bug stopped occuring for people when I switched back to Frames.
As far as I know CanvasGroups are out of beta since they aren’t in the Beta Features list anymore but there hasn’t been any official statement except for this.

Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate.


Do you have the devices specs for users who is encountering this issue? (like what model of phone they are on.) And do you mind dm me a set-up of your gui elements under the billboard gui in model format or place format? Thanks.

Normally this would happen with constantly changing size of CanvasGroups, it would have to keep creating new textures to accommodate new sizes. While it feel like this has become a popular use case that we might need a way to improve the usage under the dynamic sizes.

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Only device I heard was android phone and macs. Unsure of exact model

I am changing the size with UIScale consistently and only really using it for the GroupTransparency. Every other instance is just regular Frame/TextLabel

I see. The tweening UIScale would create a new size of texture per frame, which might eventually hit the texture creation bottle neck limited by devices. While this seems like a popular community usecase, we will come up with some solutions for it, e.g. allow you to mark it a dynamic size and we handle things internally. For now you can keep it a constant size and parent a frame under it, then parent everything including the UIScale under the frame instead.

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I am encountering a similar issue when utilizing CanvasGroups in my playerbase. Even when the backgroundtransparency is 1, the canvas shows as a solid black box that is visible whenever the GroupTransparency is anything other than 1, and the group is visible. This only happens to certain users on certain devices, I can not replicate this issue personally with my phone tablet or computer, but I’ve gotten multiple reports of this from mobile users. The only difference is that in my case it is a black box, which is strange because the background transparency, bordercolor, or groupcolor are all not black. Here is a screenshot and a place file.
[BlackBox CanvasGroups Troubleshooting.rbxl|attachment]
The device of the user who sent this screenshot is: iPad 5th Gen
BlackBox CanvasGroups Troubleshooting.rbxl (68.1 KB)

I replied to the wrong post with my reply, if you could view my prior message that’d be awesome

Been having this issue as well! I have BillboardGuis under my game’s enemies which have their name, rank, and health displayed. Name & rank remain static, but the health text changes whenever they’re damaged, as well as the health bar which gets tweened. Here’s the file to help reproduce this issue.

Most of the time, they render fine, but occasionally they turn solid white, and it’s made apparent during testing sessions where many players will experience a huge white square on their screen. I’ve also had this happen to myself several times. I believe this occurs more on Mobile.

im also having this issue. it decreases the resolution of my frame.

a basic frame under billboard gui:
the same frame except its parented to a canvas group inside of a billboard gui:
its really weird and is more noticeable ingame.