[Black Clover: Grimshot] Hiring Digital Artist or a Modeller!

About The Job

Our game needs a GFX designer/modeller that can do the following below!!

What we need is just it’s cover, so it’s either a digital arts or a 3d mesh model, either way would work.

Fire Magic Grimoire




We are paying 500 R$ per book. This is negotiable as I don’t know the average price of this thing. We also will be needing a lot of books done so we need atleast 2 people.

Contact Us

Contact me HERE in DEVFORUM! (because I have so many FRs that I can’t track your name anymore…)

in Discord: Froredion#2361

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

books need a digital artist the designer Gfx is the one who helps you with the effects

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Oh is that so? Sorry, my bad. I’ll change it into digital artist.

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it’s not wrong you just need a Gfx designer and a digital artist who makes the chart model and colors it and the designer Gfx edits it

I’m currently a Gfx designer and that’s why he just told you that

Just updated this thing, modeller who can model the cover of the grimoires are also acceptable, contact me if you can do it! We’ll be needing more than 8+ of them.

if you want I help you with the Gfx design

I leave you my portfolio if you’re interested in being in touch Lasdark17 | Artist ,logo designer, 2D,designer miniatures GFX| Portfolios

Im modeler, ill md you on discord to show you my past work!

You can add me on Discord Brett_Sinclair#3640 or DM on the devforum, I think you saw my portfolio.

False, GFX means Graphics, and digital is a type of Graphic art.

Yeah, I was confused there but I’m right, GFX is Graphics, thanks for correcting him and for confirming I was right lol.

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