Black Space - Promotion Guide

This post is about the group Black Space.

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This document is to explain and help you how to get promoted in Black Space.

How To Get Promoted

Our Promotion System Is Handle By Our Bot, When you have enough PlayTime for a promotion, our bot will auto-promote you in the group!

PlayTime Information

You PlayTime is stored into the Black Space DataBase, this means its communication between games and even on Discord, So if you see a PlayTime Counter in one of our games, that mostly mean that this game count in the PlayTime System!


Personnel - C
To get Promoted to Personnel - C you must have 12H of playtime in our games.

Personnel - B
To get Promoted to Personnel - B you must have 24H (1 Day) of playtime in our games.

Personnel - A
To get Promoted to Personnel - A you must have 72H (3 Days) of playtime in our games.



Security Promotion is not handled by PlayTime but by Security Points.
When you have enough Security Points to be promoted, in the Security Training Ground, our bot will auto-promote you to your rank!

Security Points are given manually by a Trainer and can be only be given in the Security Training Ground (Or by Auto-SP during training that you can get between 10-30 min)

0 Security Points

Tier 1
10 Security Points

Tier 2
25 Security Points

Tier 3
45 Security Points

Tier 4
70 Security Points

100 Security Points

Note: The Bot Will Never Demote You, This Can Be Done Only Manually By A Trainer+

Hazard Worker


Hazard Worker system of ranking up: lectures.
The host will host a lecture on the events channel in the Hazard Worker Discord. He will give the attendees about 5-15 minutes to DM him saying “I wish to attend the lecture.”
Afterward, the host will give the attendees the “Lecture” role, which will give the attendees access to the lecture VC.

The lecture is split into 3 categories, where the attendees must do this:
Listening and taking notes. The first category is the host giving information about the said Hazard. (Medical, Bio and Fire - Hazard, depending on what Hazard is the lecture about.)
Answering questions. The host will proceed to ask the attendees 3-5 questions about the said Hazard, and the attendees will be answering them in the host’s DM’s.
Waiting. The host will then be looking at the attendees’ answers to the questions and will be telling the attendees in the VC if they passed or failed. The results of the lecture will be in the lecture results channel in the Hazard Worker Discord.

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