BLADEBOUND: In-Game Lighting

Hello! Robbie2K here.

You guys are in luck, because you get to see a sneak peek of just how the lighting works in BLADEBOUND! Feel free to leave feedback, and be sure to check out our Q/A and ask any questions in that topic!

Note that these images do not represent the final game, and may be subject to change.


Hey i really like your build but…I recommend that you make the shadows lighter because it doesn’t mix with the lit parts of your map. And not gonna lie interior lightning looks very good !


It’s nice, though I’m not a fan of just how bright the light rays are. It may be useful in providing a “realistic” effect, though when clashing with a dark environment, it can be rather distracting and a hindrance to what the player is able to see as their view is being distorted by such a bright ray of light.

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