Bright Crystal Studios - Devlog #2 Q&A/FAQ!

Hello! Robbie2K here again.

While our development for BLADEBOUND is going at a slow and steady pace, I’ve came up with the idea to make everyone more engaged with our group! So, I have decided that for our next devlog, we will be answering your questions!

Reply to this topic with any question related to our group or BLADEBOUND, and you may have a chance of it getting answered in the devlog! Although not everyone will get their answers, I do appreciate the feedback and questions you guys have!

As soon as I get enough (probably like 30-60) I will try to fit them all in a 5-10 minute video which will be uploaded in either this month or mid October. If you need help getting your questions, visit our links!

Roblox Group: Bright Crystal Studios - Roblox
Discord Server: Bright Crystal Studios Community Server

Thank you for taking your time, and I will be looking forward to answering your questions!