Blau Hotels & Resorts | Looking for a Builder

About Us

We are Blau Hotels & Resorts, a growing Roblox group consisting of 42,000+ members. Our hotel has over 500,000 visits and is looking for a builder to help us improve our group.

The Team
@xC_aleb - Group Holder
@zeauqic- Scripter & President

You can see our current hotel here: 🏨 [NIGHTCLUB] Work at a Hotel Roleplay! 🌊 - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for a long-time builder to join our team. The builder must be able to deliver minor updates to our current hotel, and work on a new hotel. She/he must also work on centers like the training center and interview center. They should also be able to manage group members and remain some-what professional.

Example of our game's build style

We expect that the builder must be able to deliver minor hotel updates within two weeks after we decide on updates. The builder must be able to show progress on the new hotel. We will allow the builder to take needed breaks for major tests, schoolwork, other projects, or a weekend break. If the builder is caught lying, they will be fired.


Our payment will be negotiated. The builder will be payed in Robux. They will get paid based upon their building contributions and their role within our group. We will not pay more than 100,000 Robux a month.

Contact Us

You can contact me on the Developer Forum. If you wish, you can send me a DM on Discord (edwarddd#0001).
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

If you have questions, let us know. Thank you,


I already sent you my discord request, my discord is: Nicolas # 4794

I’ll be sending out a friend request soon. I worked with you (briefly) in LDD, Iced Hotels, and worked with Nate at one point. :slight_smile:


I am interested if the job is still available. I specialize in low poly and I have built many similar things such as cafes in the past. I have added you on Discord, I am $mani#0001.

Here is my portfolio: [OPEN] Low Poly Builder

Hey there! I too am interested in this job, if it is still availible. I primarliy work on low poly assets. My discor d is Isukali#2787. My portfolio: Asset Modeler for Hire [Taking Commissions] [OPEN]

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I would like to send you a DM on Discord, my user is Squidzyee#8896

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