Blender Airport Seat Feedback

Hello! I just made my second model in Blender. It’s an airport seat.

Screenshot (55)

I haven’t made the handles yet but I would like some feedback for now.

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It’s not bad however if you hadn’t told us it’s supposed to be an airplane seat, I would’ve never guessed. Looks more like a regular bench seat and not exactly as comfortable. There are a lot of components missing that you would usually come across in an airplane seat, I suggest looking at reference images to ease your task.

Hope this helps.

I literally said it’s an airport seat, not an airplane.

Oops, that’s a foul reading on my behalf then.
In that case it looks pretty good.

Though my only concern is this part sticking out, is there a specific use for it?

Also the connection between the seat itself and the backrest of the seat is quite a sharp corner, perhaps you could make it curved so it looks more pleasing.

Example of the curved seats


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Thanks for feedback and suggestions.

I had to use Roblox Studio materials because I don’t know how to use textures in blender. Here’s the finished product:


Looks pretty good, though for the future I would suggest removing the bottom supports for the 2 middle seats and having the row of seats be only supported by the 2 outer seats.


Good job :+1:


I thought it said airplane too lol

Anyway it looks good