Blender Animations Rig Exporter Freezing Roblox

I’ve had this issue for a while, ive tried to ignore it but now it’s come in one of my commissions.
I need a fix for this immediately. I’ve looked through the Developer forums but to no avail.

Let me give you the quick rundown of my problem.
I have an AK (47) viewmodel rig and I need to export it, but whenever I select the rig with the plugin enabled: it freezes my game.
After a few more seconds studio decides revives itself and no plugin menu opens.

Here is the gif that I took to demonstrate the problem (its 33 seconds).

I have no idea how to fix this.

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here is a better video, since the one i posted doesnt seem to be working

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this is literally stopping me from progressing at ALL for any of these guns, its happening on EVERY MODEL

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try updating the plugin or redownloading studio

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i tried this, but it didnt work


I swear, this issue has caused so much frustration. I absolutely need to find a fix to this.

Could you upload your viewmodel or show the hierarchy? Because, we, also have no idea how to fix this without context

I recorded deleting a few things and this video shows the hierarchy pretty well, i’ve uploaded the video to youtube, no commentary:


This is a modified version of the same plugin, all credits to the original creator (Den_S).
Be sure to read his post, he talks about some stuff that solves common problems.

His post: [Fix] Blender Animations
The plugin: [REVERTED] Blender Animations

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