Blender Import issues, walking on air

Hey guys,

I could use some help with a problem I keep having. When I import large meshes in to roblox there is an issue with some of the parts. The collision edges extend past the mesh. I have tried Ctrl-N in blender, but that’s it.

Is this an issue with my meshes or roblox?


This is mostly a roblox thing, you shouldn’t try relying on the hitboxes of your meshes in blender as they usually get warped/changed/shortened.

What you can do instead is disable collisions on the mesh you created and make sudo-invis parts that match up with it.

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I am trying to create a low poly island with sloping beaches. I’ve tried to use wedges but getting them aligned perfectly is very time consuming. Is there a plug-in that can help, I’ve used BuildingToolsv4 but it does not work well with wedges.

I posted in a thread that gives a pretty detailed rundown of this issue and how to solve it:

Reply #12 lists a couple plugins you may find helpful

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Greetings, what you’re encountering is a very common issue when exporting 3D meshes into ROBLOX, ROBLOX MeshParts uses the bounds found inside a mesh to resize itself correctly to match it.

If your curious bounds are the amount of area the mesh covers in a 3 Dimensional Space, bounds basically decide the collisions it has in-game, you’re able to view the bounds inside the mesh in Blender 2.8 by displaying it as a box field or plainly bounds.

The highlighted area is the mesh while the outline is the bounds:

My solution for you is to either manually create the collision areas by using a transparent part and disabling the collisions of the MeshPart or import the mesh in a certain way so the bounds don’t cover such a huge area.

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This also explains why you’re character is floating on nothing.

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