Blender Rig/Armature to Roblox Studio

Hey there, it’s hak. I’m having some trouble figuring out how to import character rigs from Blender to Roblox with the armature created from Blender. I used this method because I’m new to creating experiences with 3D meshes and characters. I assume there might be a way to accomplish this, but if not, please let me know prior so I could try to find other methods. All help is much appreciated.

Here’s an example of the rig I’m trying to import:

If anyone could let me know as to how this could be accomplished, it would really help a lot.


I’m not sure how I can answer your question but I have one myself. Are you not experiencing issues with the 10,000 traingle limit on your rig?

No, I just don’t know how to import the rig into Roblox Studio with the armature I already created.

Export your rig as an FBX, then in Studio use the Avatar Importer plugin and import the FBX . Here’s more info: Creating Custom Rigs

This did work but is there any way to insert the IK bones as well or do I have to make those from scratch?

I think you can import them, try googling something like “Roblox blender ik bones”

Alright will do. Thanks for the help.