Blender textures not showing?

Hey All

I’m working on some GFX for a customer right now, and I’m experiencing an issue that I haven’t ever come across before.

So the issue is that my textures aren’t showing. Heres some Screenshots that may help.

This is a screenshot of the Roblox Studio object I’ve exported to blender.

As you can see, the texture won’t show even after I’ve selected it as the object texture.

I’ve tried:

  • Rendering in Cycles and Eevee
  • Exporting again (incase of corrupt export)
  • Importing again.

I’m using Blender.


This has become a widely occurring bug with Studio exporting recently. Seems to be getting looked into though - Losing textures while exporting inside ROBLOX Studio

Only solution I’ve found to get around this is to just save the texture decal of the mesh then apply it manually in Blender. Just grab the ID and save it from there.


Thanks! Hopefully this is fixed soon.

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omg thank you so much I didn’t realize you could save the texture.