Blender weapons

Hey there, i’ve been making some weapons in blender lately, and i would like to know your opinion about it!
Be honest, or else i cant learn frim my mistakes :laughing:

Here are some pictures:

image image image


Lmao, your knife’s are looking pretty nice so far!


Looks nice, but very cartoonish/anime-ish.

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Thanks alot! Any things i can improve on??

Wait you are also from Belgium?

It was meant to be low poly. I’m happy it doesnt look realistic :blush:

y-yes but we cant chat here, Yor_ick#4050 discord

The only thing I can recommend to make these great models even better is to split the edges. There are lots of resources online for how to use the edge split modifier, but I would recommend doing it manually as it gives you more control over the final result.

Edge splitting allows your faces to look smooth while still retaining a sharp edge throughout the model. Looking at the screenshots included in your post, I can see that the blades of each weapon have clearly-defined faces as the light bounces off of them. Edge splitting the smooth-shaded model can fix this and take the look of your models to a higher level.


Thanks alot, i really wanted to make it more smooth but the original smooth is too smooth, understand?
Anyways thank you alot!!


Hey, Hey Yorick!

I think your melee weapons are amazing.

  • They look fascinatingly nice and real
  • They have a nice color (especially the sword and the blade textures)
  • They look sharp ad dangerous as they should be
  • And they’re detailed.

Amazing work!


thanks alot! i appreciate the compliments!!


Your weapons are beautiful,
But what type of genre are you making them in?
Realistic, Anime, Cartoony?
Other than that I understand what the weapons are so good.
Keep Building!

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i’m very unsure about what style i wanted it to be, i think i didn’t think about that when i made this topic.

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how much you think its worth it

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I’ve edited it, thanks to tell me anyways.

For a low-poly style, it looks Fantastic!

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Looks like the sweet spot between cartoony and realistic. The models are good and so are the textures. Keep up the good job

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They look great! They all seem to be well put together, the colors complement each other well, in terms of weaponry and tools. Overall very well done.

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The faces of the cleaver’s edge are too noticeable. I know you said that making the faces smooth makes it look too smooth, but the current state looks off. The rest looks really good.

The models themselves look fantastic! The only isseue I would see is that the sword handle seems very small… imagine gripping the sword in real life… it would just be very small and hard to carry the sword. Just changing the size of the handle maybe to be a little bigger would be my only suggestion, good job though