Blender/Roblox, my mesh's colors are weird

I’m using Blender to make some meshes to build my world and i’m facing a problem since I started modeling.
As you can see on the following images, my colors doesn’t render the same in blender and Roblox.
It seems to be a different shade.

My palette, I’ve used the second Brown:

my palette


And here, two images of the same meshes, on blender and roblox



I export as .FBX

Can someone help me, please ?


Use this plateletImphenziaPalette01-256-Gradient


thx for replying,
Seems to be better.



But I don’t understand why, i’ve used Imphenzia’s palette later (not this one) and I had the same result than my own palette :thinking:

I will try do do some other modeling with this palette, I will update this topic if not working …

Thx :smile:

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aight no probs, thats the platelet that most low poly modelers use, am guessing u know how to use it

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Is it the Roblox Lighting settings that are affecting how the colour looks?

Yeah, i’m watching videos of the guys who make this palet :smile:

Does anyone here know where I could find a Free color palette? I am trying to find one for modeling on Blender.

Can you just copy the palette image from above?

Yes I did thank you, is it completely royalty free though? Thanks for the help!

yes, it come from Imphenzia’s youtube channel, he make blender tutorials

Thank you so much! I’m new to blender so I really appreciate the help! And I’ll check out Imphenzia’s Youtube channel.