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Activities Announcements & Rules

Here you can find a complete list of our update log regarding the activities portion of BMS and all the rules to running or attending a club here. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact aIizuh. Also huge thanks to her as she wrote this section!

Activites Rules & Regulations

The activities rules and regulations are currently undergoing changes and will be posted here when has been finalized with all necessary and proper information.

Activities Announcements/Update Log

October 2019
  • 10/12: Clubs can receive up to 4 strikes before the closure of the club
  • 10/12: Students & sponsors are not allowed to run clubs.
  • 10/12: Any club amendment/event must be approved first by the Activities Director.
  • 10/12: Club leaders must let the AD know before a practise/meeting is scheduled.
  • 10/12: Club leaders can not make Discord Servers as they are already premade.

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