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Hey there, this is the official forum for Bloxport Middle School! You can find most of the things we offer and do here, as well as further explanations on those topics.

Though, for anyone that was just perusing the forums and happened to come across this one, welcome! BMS is one of the largest schools on the site, growing consistently and constantly on a daily basis. With currently over 25K+ members, we are always with open arms to new members.

Operating year round, we offer the regular semesters as well as summer school. With regular semesters starting every Monday - Friday, at 5:15 PM EST - 7:00 PM EST, we also run the nearly same way for summer school. The only difference is that we run 2:30 PM EST - 4:15 PM EST. Right now, we are currently on our regular school times! We strive to provide back quality to our phenomenal students as well as making sure that all our staff are properly equipped and trained for the job. For more information on anything that we offer, how this works, or anything in that nature- be sure to read any of our following posts. This school is also apart of the Bloxport School District.

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